The worst fan fiction eva part 2!

AN/ qwit flammin mu stoiry prepz!!!itz well a good stroy and your all just ducking prrps!


I was sp sad. Lilly stood up and looked at the bech. she was so alone. With sasuke gone and no one else alive only the trees could here her scream.

She decided to bring everybody back to life but she didn;t acount on bringing MJ back to life.

It freaked her out so much that she fell over and landed in a puddle. It tottaly drenched her brand new Fallout boy top. It had a big picture of Pete wentz on the front. she also got her black and white checkered mini skirt dirty.

Michael kackson became the best pop stra for the recent time . Lily was so annoyed because her band "ninjas with really angry issues" was the best banc ever and they should be number 1.

Lily and the rest of the band, who were sasuke, Ichigo kurasaki, light yagami and Rei ayanami, got together to make a plan. "I no" said Rei lets make areally good song! "good idea" said Ichigo.

So then they went to the concert to play against Michael Jackson. They were all wearing mathcing putfits. They were blach and had skulls all over them. Micharl Jackson did a song and then it wa there turn to do a song and th ejudges picked who's song was better. They sang a song called bloody water bloody tears.

You cry those tears of blood
I'm losing my life
i'm on th eedge
I cry out for help but the light keeps slipping aawy.

the juges loved it so they let them win, but micheal Jackson didn't like that do he pulled ot a gun!

Lily then use dher powers to keill michela jackosn and things returned to normall.

The end again.


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