Worst fan fiction eva. (At least my attempt at bad stuff anywaze)

And just so you relize, this is meant to be really bad. I purposely put in all the grammatic and spelling errors. It is meant to be bad.

Lilly’s parents had both died when she was only young. She had grown up by herself. Because she was alone she developed magic powers no one else had. She could not only see into the future, but she could see through objects, read people’s thoughts, stop time, teleport, bring things back to life, control people, kill people at will. She grew up with no friends because she killed them all. All the girls hated her because she was so beautiful and all the boy thought she was sexy. She wore gothic makeup and clothes to show her sadness in her clothes.

One day she got up. She didn’t eat breakfast because she was an emo. She then made her way to school. She met up with Sasuke along the way.

They went to the park instead of going to school because they hated going to school. Sasuke was wearing a black punk shirt with safety pins in it. Lilly was wearing a black hoodie that said “I hate life” on it. “I like your shirt” said sasuke. Lilly didn’t care.

That night Lilly had a night mare. Lord Voldemort was attacking Sasuke and then saske died. When she woke up she rang up sasuke to see if he really did die. Sasuke swore at her for ringing him up in the night. Lily then went back to sleep.

The next day Sasuke was being attacked by lord voldermort. Lilly used her powers to make him died. Voldemort never tormented them again because he was dead. But that didn’t stop Pete Wentz from trying to kill her. But he was immune to her killing him, so she brought voldemrot back to life and controlled him to use his magic wand to kill Pete Wentz. Pete Wentz then died and she killed Voldemort again. Lily was proud of herself. The she punched sasuke for being a jerk.

“What are you doing lilly? he said “Why did you tell Voldamort he was fat. You know he’s very self consious. Lilly yelled. Sasuke didn’t like being yelled at so he killed himself. Lily then had no friends left so she used her power to kill every person in the world.

The end.