Ahem, so since Zoey seems to not be here at the moment, I've decided to start the actual game soon if she doesn't show up! With that said, onto the post!


I smiled, "Lets seeee... What would a good game to play be??" I thought for a moment and tapped my foot. "OHHH! I know! I know! It's a old game, but I think it's rather fitting!" I looked around, "But we'll need more people!!!" I looked around frantically.

I saw Jack and Gabe's sister walk in. "JACKKKKKKKKK!!! JACK JACK JACCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! OVER HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" I jumped up and down to make sure he saw me. He looked over for a second before looking away and shaking his head. He didn't seem pleased about something.... But nevertheless, he and Gabe's sister came over.

"What?" I smiled, "We're going to play a game to pass the time!" I looked around again, "But we need more people!!!" *smack* I looked back and saw a girl rubbing her nose. Hahaha, I've done that before! (run into a door)

"Haaayyyy! Excuse meeeeeeee!!!" she looked over her shoulder and was confused as I waved her over, "Good! Another player!!!" Gabe tugged on my arm, "You can't just pull random people into the g-"

"LOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKK!!!! More people!" I ran over to the others and quickly pulled them over to where we were all sitting/standing. I smiled, "It's funner with more people, but this'll do.." I said nodding seeing as I had called over almost everyone who was in this place by now.

I smiled, "Okay, so the game is quite simple, and I'm sure all of you have played it before. It's called Two Truths and a Lie. Obviously, you try and find the lie..." I laughed. "I wana go first!" I said raising my hand and started to think.

"I have a tattoo. I can roller blade. And I don't have a sister. Now," I grinned, "What do you think the lie is?"


Hahahaha XDD Sorry it's a bit short, but I wanted to do some kind of post! And I thought the game would be fitting~ Anyway, I hope someone continues!!! ;3; I really want to keep rping in this!! Oh! And can anyone comment with what they think the lie is without going to her profile???? xD