My eyebrows were raised by the time Gabriel finished his tale, but more from amusement than much else.

I thought this girl was a murderer? Hah! She was guilty, yes--ooh, she killed a bunny, call the cops! Pfft, but reacting so jaggedly...she was a sweet kid for sure, and for whatever reason she killed the bunny, it shook her up. Chances are, she found out she had a taste for blood after she killed the rabbit, freaked out that she enjoyed it, and was touchy since. I felt kinda bad for badgering her about it, as killer or no, she was a girl and I had to respect her.

"So, do you have any pets? Did you kill 'em, too?" I let a grin slink onto my face. Kid had guts, damn right. Loyal, too. I could respect that.

"Yup," I winked, "Mum had a dog once." I wasn't lying. When I was a kid, she got a dog to keep me company. It always got into her drugs, though, and I had to fight it off just to stay alive: it was a full-grown, mean as crap, pit bull. Faced up against a nine year-old me.

God, I hated it. "The freak never shut up: always tried to bug me for food." Namely, I was the food in question. I grinned at this point, giving the kid a glimpse into my heart that I hardly gave anyone. Any normal kid woulda pissed his pants: luckily, this kid wasn't normal. "So I killed it with my mother's kitchen sheers, cooked it up, and fed it to her for dinner." Though I did cut it up, it was only so I could bury it with ease. But, if you learned anything in the streets, it was that if you wanted a rep, you had to either lie or prove it. I had always been known for doing both.

Charlie looked unpreturbed for a split second too long before going shocked as a proper girl would, "Oh, my God, you can't be serious! That's sick!" She pulled off the look of utter terror almost too well, but I had a feeling the was mildly impressed at my act. She knew I was lying with every other word that escaped my mouth, and I let her know that she wasn't too tough either before my chivalry kicked in and I felt a twinge of guilt.

A real man wouldn't depend on such uncivil lies, especially in the presence of such a kind girl. Kind under the circumstances that she hadn't ratted me out yet, anyway.

I managed out a half-sincere apology before Gabriel nearly exploded with excitement, "Really?! Wicked!"

I nearly smiled again, but then remembered myself. A few minutes with people and I was already losing myself? Control, Jack. Control.

I looked at Charlie, "On a more fitting subject, I repeat that I'm sorry for that outburst, aren't you going to sing?"