Fantastic Children "Challenging Contest" details

Alright I believe I have the main details hammered out for this contest. OK! Here goes.

Challenging Contest details

Theme of the contest an anime called Fantastic Children.

What contestants have to do: Make a fan creation whether it be fan-art, wallpapers, e-cards... whatever you can submit here.

max number of submissions total 5. So you can have all 5 in one category or some in one and some in another one in each. But the most total I'm allowing is 5

What I'll be judging on is how much passion you put and/or how much does it make others want to check out the show. I understand a lot of you would need to do some research first. (Like watching the show, reading up on it, whatever)

Also, if you want to be a helper like a judge or help organizing the contest like keeping up with entries (since I'm busy with school and all) pm me please.

Current deadline (might be changed depending on what you say): 12/31/08

If you want to enter, comment here or pm me.