Final Ikaricast

Though I stopped posting about Ikaricast a while ago on theO except for big moments I feel I should post this as this counts as a big moment. I stepped down from the podcast I created and ran for 4 almost 5 years the Ikaricast. It wasn't an easy decision, I mean come on the podcast is my baby. But when it comes to focusing on writing comics and doing other things in my life I had to cut out all this internet content creating stuff by a lot. I almost was going to end everything but later decided instead of that I just reduce everything. So instead of not podcasting or doing reviews or making videos. I just not podcast and do one or two reviews or videos and have someone else run the podcast while I produce it.

I know some of you on here still don't know about me on that. But let's just say some of those big internet stars you know and love? Thanks to my creating the Ikaricast which led to the creation of TheGeekFighters which led to the creation of RVTentertainment I helped out some people who ended up becoming huge. Like PeanutButterGamer, PatTheNESPunk (who was already getting big honestly) and the one who I'm still shocked became huge but in a very good way. JonTron.

I got to interview people in the comic book industry from independent labels all the way to writers and artists that worked in DC and Marvel and that worked in animations like Thundercats, Transformers and Max Steel.

I wouldn't trade any of those memories for anything. But as I have my foot in the door to work on comics, animations and video games myself, which is my dream I have to give it my all. I'd be upset with myself if I didn't so here I am saying goodbye to my podcast.

I also have to say it was surreal to hear on the podcast how I actually made a difference in people's lives either by inspiring them to do what I did or by even inspiring them to continue living. Tears ARE shed in this episode. Warning about that. Also it's 3 and a half hours long so, download and listen when you have the time. Or go to iTunes, subscribe and let iTunes or your iPod handle you listening in chunks since they remember where you leave off.

See you guys later in podcasting land!