Weird Moments...

So basically after Estelle met up with Reo, she went into the kitchen where Lux was. So I’ll just continue from where Lux left off. ^^


The fork fell and I bent over to get it. I couldn’t help but feel a draft by my derriere, but I didn’t mind it.

"Hehehe 10 second rule." I giggled and began to eat the omelet. My eyes widen and a great big smile appeared on my face. I felt like my taste buds were floating on a fluffy pink cloud in heaven. This omelet was stupendous! Could his cooking skills surpass mine? I wonder…

“Oh wow this is delicious! I didn't believe you Lux. You really know how to cook." I told him, smiling towards him. He had his hands over his face for some reason. I tilted my head in confusion. Lux then turned his head to the other way. I shrugged and continued to eat; I couldn’t let this beauty go to waste!

As I chewed down the food, I remembered that Lux was in my dream. Should I tell him? I thought.

“Hmm… Lux I…” I started off. I then looked at him. What the hell?! Is he STILL drinking out of the carton when I told him NOT to?!

“Hey! HEY! What did I just say, Lux?! STOP THAT!” I yelled at him. He stood up and walked towards the island counter still drinking. He completely ignored me! I stood up and went to him and tried to get the carton out of his hand. He noticed what I was trying to do and put his hand with the milk carton in the air, still turning his head away. I reached for the carton, on the tip of my toes, with one hand and grabbed his arm with the other. My chest press against his stomach in the process. He turned his head suddenly and looked down at me. Our faces were so close together. Too close. The tips of our noses were always touching; that close. I blushed a bright red. His face was red as well. And we just stood there in that position; I still reaching and his hand were still in the air with the carton of milk.

“… I … I…” I tried to say something. My heart was pounding so fast. I hope he couldn’t feel it. Once again, I could feel his warm breath against my face. I glared into his sparkly golden yellow eyes. His eyes... Why so they look so… f-

Suddenly someone opened the kitchen door. Lux and I both pulled away from each other and quick as possible. I turned my head away because I was still blushing. I counted to 10 then let out a big sigh.

"Morning", I heard someone greeted very bluntly. I turned and looked. It was Lupe.

"Why, good morning Lupe. Had a good sleep", I asked with a smile, trying to play off what just happened.

"Mmhmm." She replied, scratching behind her ear.

"That's wonderful."

She smelt the air and made an “mmm” sound.

"Who made omelets", she asked.

"That would be me", Lux bragged. I looked over to him then turned away quickly. I couldn’t look at him without my heart racing at the moment. What’s wrong with me?

“Well, I’m going to get out of this skimpy little night gown now and take a bath hot bath” I said walking over to the door. “See ya later” I said, then covering my mouth. Damn! El came out… I hope that doesn’t give away that something happened with Lux and I... (Note: Estelle only speaks street like when she gets too excited, gets into a battle with blood involved, or gets too competitive. Lupe gave her the name “El” when Estelle first lost her elegant character and has been calling that ever since.)

I rushed out the door, went to the bathroom, took a bath, went back to my room with a towel on, and changed into my regular clothing. I found some of my plushies out of place and put them back into place. I picked up the monkey teddy and hugged it.

“Oh, Mr. Monkeykins, what am I to do? Why do I feel like this every time Lux and I meet? Better yet, whenever I get in contact with both Reo-kun and Lux? I just don’t get it…” I spoke to the teddy. I then placed it on my spread bed and headed out the room once again.

I headed down the stairs and saw Nyarth with Eva and… wait. Who is that? A new guy I presume? I went over to the group to greet them.

“Good morning, all.” I greeted with a smile.


♥ Estelle