In the headquarters.../ Relax a bit -.-

So, this house was just amazing. The main room was beautiful, there were kitchens, bathrooms that were decorated in a sea-like manner, a fireplace in the main room, the backyard even had a patio, playground set, and a balcony to see the beautiful view of the pond. Mear did a wonderful job.

I chose my room. It was red and cream. Not too girly and also not too boyish. Just my type. I walked back into the main room just in time to see Mear writing his signature on the wall. He sighed, stood up, and leaned himself against the wall. He was slightly nervous, I could tell. I lightly smiled and walked towards him.

"Hey, you ok" I asked him, trying to comfort him a little. He just looked at me.

"I..." He stuttered. "I... I..."

"I know. You type nervous aren't you?"

"So much people" His eyes were bouncing all around the room, as if he was trying to find a way to get out of here. I sighed. Scared people annoyed me a bit but since he was new and he is not used to people around him I wanted to make him feel comfortable. Besides, I feel as if we would need his assistance later on. And besides besides... I don't suppose he had a place to stay anyways.

"Hey hey. Just calm down, will ya? We won't hurt you. We are all friends here. Trust me, there were a lot of Gijinka like you that were first nervous around us but now they are all pretty much like family", I comforted. He just panicked more. Oh lord...

"*sigh* don’t be so scared. How old are you anyways? By your appearance you seem like a grown teen. Why so scared?"

Mear seemed to be offended by my comment and stood up facing me.

"I am 19. And I am not used to strangers, such as yourself, comforting me and giving me a place to stay. So, if you don't mind, I will be leaving now."

He walked around me, heading for the door. I ran in front of him and stopped him with my palm on his chest.

"Weren't you the one who built this house? How are you going to build a beautiful mansion and choose not to live in it? That makes no type of damn sense", I retorted, giving him a serious look. He looked me in the eyes, giving me the same look, and moved my hand off his chest.

"This is simply a token of gratitude for your and Estelle's kindness. Thank you for noticing me but I really need to go..."

"And where do you have a place to stay? Please tell me since you are just dying to leave."

He didn't respond. We both knew he had no answer to my question. He sighed and walked around me going for the door again. I just watched him walk closer and closer to the door but then I snapped out of it. I jumped in front of the door and blocked him from it just in a spare of time. He looked at me with a mad expression. My arms and legs were spread out.

"Mear, you are not leaving. I don't give a damn how scared you are. You have no where to go. So I'm not making you leave!"

Silence grew and we were just staring at each other with anger in our eyes. Then I suddenly realized what I was doing. I was actually forcing a gijinka to stay. My face grew red from the embarrassment. Mear noticed my face expression and looked puzzled. I, then, unblocked the door and walked the opposite direction.

"Do what you please", I said while walking. "I shouldn't stop you from leaving. I'm not forcing you to stay." As I headed for the stairs, I heard the door opened then slammed behind me.


Stupid stupid stupid... I thought to myself. Makes no sense... The word 'stupid' crossed my mind again and I thought about Estelle. I wondered what she was doing. She always had a way of calming my nerves so I wanted to see her. I focused my ears to hear where she was. One of my ears twitched. Bingo.

I was going towards a room with a Lavender door and a diamond door knob. I barged right in.

"Hey, Estelle! Why are you locked away in your room like this? I just realized your 16 now... your birthday passed. You forgot again didn't cha... Hey what are you doing", I questioned. She looked at me with a dirty look.

"Lupe, you don't know how to knock anymore", she said, ignoring everything I just said. "OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT!"

She shoved me out and slammed the door. So much for feeling better...

I was hanging upside down on the couch in the main room, just chilling. Eva and her little friend approached me.

"Hey kids", I greeted. "What's up?"

"Umm... Lupe...” Eva started to say nervously. I sat up on the couch.


"Umm... can... Can Daniel stay in the headquarters with us?? Can he please please please please?? I promise he won't be a burden and he can help out with everything and stuff..."


"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEA- huh? Really???" she sounded excited.

"Yeah, why not? He's like one of us."

They both rejoiced and hugged each other.

"Ok, kids. Eva, take him to Estelle's room so he can get some clothes from her. She's good at designing clothes."

"Ok Lupe! Thank you so much", Eva said, hugging me. They both ran upstairs to see Estelle.

"HEY, NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE!! Damn kids..." I sighed and lay down on the couch, slowly drifting into a nice sleep.