Back to the headquarters...

It was finally over.... Everything... it's over...

All the robots and bounty hunters and every bad presence such as dark shadows and evil... were gone. Everyone was looking around all confused. Everything seemed to just vanish out of thin air when Lux and 4 other gijinkas made an attack against the dark Lux. We were exhausted. I was panting hardly. The rain stopped. The rising sun shined brightly among the battlefield.

"It is finished", Faye said. Everyone has smiled at the fact and rejoiced and sigh out of relief.

"Hey everyone", I said, still panting. "Let's... *stopped panting* let’s go home." I smiled and so did everyone else. The gijinkas helped the faint and injured and headed to the headquarters with them on their backs. Others helped themselves and limped. But everyone was following me, heading home in the sunlight.

~At the headquarters

"It's... destroyed..." I faintly said. "The Headquarters.. They destroyed it..."

I couldn't believe it. Those damn bastards has litterly DESTROYED our home. The trees were burnt down, the house was now rubble and dust, it was... horrible. They destroyed my home... I held back tears ( GASP, Lupe crying? Now this destroyed house must've really upset her ) that were about to shed down my face and faced the gijinkas behind me.

"Well... home sweet home..." I tried to joke. Everyone looked at me with the WTF look. I rubbed my head in embarrassment.

"How bout a little repair", I asked them. I heard groans and sighs and moans for them. I knew they did not want to build the headquarters back up in their condition but they all attended the dirty work anyways.

Dr. Kyuu was attended the injured and everyone else was doing their own thing in helping build the club back. I heard side conversations and arguments from some gijinkas but I didn't really pay attention to that. I was focused in building my home back.

Estelle and I were walking through the woods, trying to find wood or other things we can use that is helpful. Estelle saw the moody look on my face that I tried to hide.

"Lupe, are you okay? You do not seem well..."

"Eh... I'm fine..."

"You know I know you very well, Lupe. There must be something wrong."

"I told you already, I'm fine."

"Lupe.. I-"


I stopped walking and looked at her with a serious look. She just nodded and kept walking. I followed. There was a long silence.

"I know your lying", she finally said. "Your ears are down instead of up. I know you well, Lupe. Better than you know yourself. Just remember that." She sounded mad. I didn't respond. I know she was right.

As we approached the pond, Estelle quickly grabbed me and slammed me into a bush.

"Estelle! What the fxck", I yelled at her. She hushed me and pointed towards the pond. My eyes followed her finger. I couldn't believe it. It was a smeargle gijinka.

He was humming while drawing something in his sketch pad. He seemed graceful and he blended well with the sparkling pond and the gleaming sun among its horizon. My eyes grew big. And so did Estelle's.

"Sugoi..." Estelle whispered.

"Your right..." I respond. She smiled and got up out of the bush. I pulled her back down.

"Estelle, what are you doing", I whispered in a mad tone. She got loose out of my grasp.

"I'm going to met Mr. Artist here", she grinned. She walked to the pond and I had no choice but to follow.

"Hello there", Estelle said, tapping the Smeargle's shoulder. He stopped humming and looked behind him. That graceful look he had on his face turned into a timid, shy look. He hid his face behind his sketch pad, accidentally showing us his art. Estelle and I both looked upon it and was amazed. It was... beautiful. It was the pond and the sun shinning on it. It looks almost as if it was real.

"Hey, you got some real talent there", I said, grabbing his notepad and looking at the art. He got up and tried to grab his pad back but I was moving my arm away from him so he wouldn't get it. He then got it and tried to run but I grabbed him by his collar and he fell on his butt.

"Slow down there. We're not going to bit your head off", I said smiling. He looked at me with a terrified look at first but when he saw my smile he looked calm.

"Lupe", Estelle scolded. "You’re scaring him away!"

"Not even. I'm just trying to 'make a friend'."

"You can't do it that way, baka", she told me. Estelle then let out a hand for him to grab and smiled.

"I'm sorry for my sister. Let's try this again. Hello there. My name is Estelle. This is Lupe. We are gijinkas just like you. What is you name?"

He looked at her with a puzzled look but then grabbed her hand and got up. I brushed of the dirt that was on him with my ear.

"My name is Mear", he said.

"Nice to meet you Mear. Do you want to come back to the headquarters with us? There are a lot of gijinkas there just like us. You will feel welcomed."

He nodded and we headed back to the main. When we reached there, hardly any work was done. I sighed.

"Damn those bounty hunters... This place has no hope...", I said under my breath, looking to the ground. Mear looked at me. His face expression matching mines. He then walk towards the rubble. He turned around and smiled. I looked puzzled. He then started to repair the house. It was so swift and so fast. Too fast that dust and air flew our direction.

"What's going on??", I heard Nina squeal.

"Another attack?", Hoom questioned.

There were screams and coughs form the dust. Fyona used an attack to clear everything. When the dust finally cleared, we all couldn't believe our eyes. Standing in front of us all was Mear and a beautiful mansion! My eyes grew incredibly big. He fixed the trees and the background really nice as well.

"Sugoi..." I mumbled. He gave me a thumbs up. I smiled and walked towards him.

"Everyone, this is Mear. He is a Smeargle. Please give him a warm welcome", I shouted so everyone can hear. Everyone gave him a warm welcome as we entered the house. Inside was well done. Everyone had a room. The house was furnished. They only thing we needed to get was clothes basically.

"Mear... thank you so much", I said, holding back another batch of tears of joy. That was my first time THANKING someone sincerely. He grinned lightly.

"Your welcome", he responded. I felt as if this would be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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