My Will...

Everything was dark. My body was in pain and I couldn't seem to wake up from it. It was a nightmare that I was trapped in and I couldn't escape.

Tell me Lux, who is it that you care about most?

I care about only myself....

Lux you are so weak who would want to be friends with you?

I don't need friends. They'll slow me down.

I'm sorry Lux, but Xio is so much cooler than you are. Plus he is cuter...sorry!

I don't trust anyone with my feelings.

Lux dear, I know you are having a tough time with the others, but remember your father and I will always love you for who you are and someday you will meet others who will feel the same about you too, regardless of what type of Pokemon they are. Don't shut them out.

You're wrong mom, I'm not needed. I only have one goal to get revenge for your and dads death. I don't have a family any more...

Hi there! My name is Hoom and this is my younger brother Hon..., who needs them...

You're really strong mister. You should be in the contests.

I trained to defeat my enemies and to prove to the dead I wasn't weak.

Please save her Lux...

How can I save others when I couldn't even save my family.

Lux stop it! PLEASE STOP!!! LUX!!!

I won't. I need to destroy my enemies.


You're too late, you should have saved me 15 years ago. I'm already gone....


Who is that? The voice, it sounds familiar. Hoom, no wait, Estelle, Hon, Lupe, Eva, Vixy, no i can't tell, it sounds like them all. Do they really need me? Yes....I need to do something....


My eyes opened barely and I saw Kat joined to the darker half of me from which we parted ways. Kat and Eva began battle while my counterpart watched, why would she be helping him? I felt so weak. I my arms were scratched and burned from so many attacks, they were going numb. I began to cough up my own blood from the damage around my inner organs. I already knew I was in bad shape. Hell so was everyone else, Hoom was preparing herself just in case the counterpart attacked and here I was lying on my stomach in a pond of my own blood.

"Pathetic..." I whispered to myself.

Suddenly I saw it, Eva came out of the ground ready for a shadow ball, however, Kat blocked it with a shadow claw than grabbed Eva and used a slash on her. Eva fell to the ground right before the shadow demon.

Eva! I thought, I got to get up and help her somehow.

Hoom charged right at them both but was hit bit a thunder claw of both dark Luxray and Kat's powers she was sent flying but landed about a 100 feet from where Eva laid, she kept her eyes on the enemy but was suddenly grabbed and held down by Kat. That's when I noticed it, a chip in the back of her head. I need to destroy that to release her from her pain.

I had enough energy to do that but when I look to see how Eva doing the dark demon put his foot on her head ready to squash her brains.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! So weak! A normal type pokemon. You thought you could defeat us both!" He laughed as he began to crush her. "Kill the dog first! Let her watch her friend die!"

"NO STOP IT!!! LET HOOM GO!" Eva screamed as she tried to get away from his heavy foot.

"Sorry its nothing personal bitch!" Kat said as she sharpened her claws to slit Hoom's neck.

"Kat! Get control don't let the chip control you!" Hoom said trying to get lose from Kat's grip.

"Awwww but why? I am having way to much fun!" She smirked and chuckled. "But no worries it will be over soon enough..."

"EXTREME SPEED!" I screamed and I ran towards Hoom. I got close enough and kicked Kat away from Hoom. I leaned over her enough to show that I wasn't going to let anyone else touch her.

"Damn it and here I thought you were dead!" Said Kat as she stood up and dusted herself off.

"Afraid not!" I grinned.

"Hmph. Well if ain't my better half, well at least the weaker half anyway." Dark Lux said. "Though you seem pretty beat up? What the hell happened to you? "

He began to laugh at me. Figures since it was because of him I am suffering so much. I will admit my eyesight was beginning to fail me but I could go for a few more minutes. I stood straight up to prove I had enough energy to go one on one with him.

"Lux, you can't do this." Hoom said and she grabbed my leg. "You'll die if you continue..."

"I won't die Hoom." I said looking at the enemy. I than knelled down beside her and smiled. "I got to much going for me right now if I die now. Besides, I know you would find some way to drag me back to this world. You're too stubborn to let me go. I promise this will end now."

"Alright but I am here too Lux." She smiled. She stood up and facing Kat and dark Luxray. Eva was still under his foot crying.

"Hoom." I said

"Yes Lu...." she said as I grabbed her waist and pulled her close and kissed her gently on the lips. The taste of her lips was wonderful and I gently held her close to me. The feel of her skin against mine, her beautiful hair, the warmth of her body, I couldn't let anything happen to her or to anyone else. After a few moments, I pulled my face back from hers.

"Aww wasn't that cute?" Kat sarcastically said. I disappeared at that point. "Wait what the?"

"Too slow!" I yelled grabbed her around the neck and pulling an Extreme Speed. I force her on the ground and used a shock wave which paralized her for the moment, the dark luxray used a thunderbolt which was headed towards me. I used my claws and gently put them into the back of Kat's head and pulled the chip out.

"HOOM CATCH!" I screamed as I threw Kat over to her. Hoom was still flabergastided from her kiss from me, but I knew she would survive. Hell it was some distraction and Kat was safe.

I barely dodged the thunderbolt but it still grazed my leg. I rolled over myself about 50 feet from my counterpart.

"Hmph! Nice moves. I guess I underestimated you, I thought all the wounds I took and leaving them on your real body would slow you down. I guess that didn't work. I was put in a good host. Sadly you will die and I will remain!" He said with a deep dark tone.

"I won't stop till your DEAD!" I yelled as I ran towards him.

"OH YOU GOT A DEATH WISH!" He yelled as he began to charge up.

"LUX RUN!" Screamed Eva.

"HOW ABOUT A THUNDER!!!" He let lose thousands of thunderbolts from the sky and his body and had them sent towards me.

Eva was my priority. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't be two seperate beings. I ran right into the attacks. I felt my body being torn apart. He began laughing malevolently, but I continued as my skin was getting cut and slashed by the bolts. I had no protection on, my shirt was already gone and so was my jacket, I was running into his attack bare skinned. At the last moment he noticed me jump out of his attack and headbutt him in the stomach, I grabbed Eva and landed with her in my arms and ran back to Hoom and Kat. I was able to knock the wind out of him but he stood up just as fast and he could yap his damn mouth off.

"You bastard you are gonna pay for that with the biggest thunder of all time." He glared at me.

I gently put Eva down beside me. I was breathing hard and blood was dripping from my arms. I looked at her as saw her covered with some of my blood. I didn't have anything on to protect her from it since my shirt and jacket had already been destroyed. I looked towards the enemy as he began to walk towards us. Suddenly, Kat woke up.

"Where am I? All I remember doing is helping the bad Luxray out?" Kat exclaimed as she stood up next to Eva.

"Well lets forget that and get ready for something." Hoom said. "He's coming!"

Eva ran to Estelles side and gave her a sitrus berry which gave her some energy back. She slowly stood up next to Hoom.

"Alright I got this." Estelle said.

I could tell everyone was lying and could barely manage to stand. I walked in front of them.

"Hey, what happens next I need you perform your strongest attack. That is after I go next with mine. We got that straight?" I whispered looking over my right shoulder at the 4 young ladies.

"What are you planning Lux?" Eva asked. "He knows all your moves and knows everything you can and will do? How can you defeat yourself?"

I just smiled and looked at him walking towards us. "Believe me, I still have one thing up my sleeve. So get ready with your most power attack. He doesn't know mine..."

Each girl got ready in their own attack position. I know they won't fail me.

"About damn time. Lets finish this boy." Smirked evil Luxray. "Though I know what you are going to do?"

"Oh really now? I am pretty sure you don't!" I chuckled as I bent my knees and put my arms in front of me. I than wiggled both of my ears to relax. "You see, you may know all of my electric attacks but I did not let you learn my most powerful attack. I keep that for emergency use only."

"What? You are bluffing I don't believe you!" He said. "Lets finish this!"

He began charging at me with an Extremespeed. This move I will use will finish it and with the girls after attacks, I believe will finish this long awaited fight. Once I use it, I am done for.

"Well here goes....let's truly see if this is a bluff" I looked down and closed my eyes.... said don't shut anyone out. You're right I won't because this time....I am going to protect my new friends....and live my life to the fullest with them. I care about them to much....please let this work....



So much happened I couldn't stop writing. OMG! The drama, the action, the romance....tehehehe!! >.> I didn't see it but heck it was still something clever. Anyway I hope you guys liked it and sorry it is so long. It just was so good and made sense.

Oh the beginning is where Lux is kind of blacked out and he is hearing the voices of the dead. Basically kids from his past who made fun of him, family, than the later ones are other characters like Hoom, Lupe and Estelle! :D

Someone continue...