Mission Impossibily Possible . . . ( Wahhhh?? O.O lol)

Eva hacked into my thoughts with something that might help Lux.

"E-Eva! What are you doing in my head? Aren’t you unconscious?" I panicked. It was quite strange to me.

"Yes, but that is besides the point. Listen closely. I have a Lum Berry in my hand at the moment. I'm not able to wake up yet so I can't use it myself. You don't have to destroy Lux. Just get him to eat the berry." she told me carefully. That's correct! Lum berry's have a mysterious power to heal ANY status ailment once place in a mouth. It melt in the mouth leaving its power to do all the work. Meaning it could purify Lux! Where Eva could find this rare berry was really out of the question at this moment. I looked over to her body in the human boy's arms, and she was right. In her palm, there was the Lum berry. I ran towards the body and grabbed the berry. I looked over to Lux, who was being held by Hoom, as weak as she could be. Lux was in a state where we can't hurt him but we could heal him. I had to tell the others to hold there fire.

"Everyone please, this is Estelle again. Hold you're fire! Do not attack! Do you see that Lux is fighting his infected side? There is a chance! Eva contacted me and told me to use her Lum berry. The last berry we tried to get Lux to consume was destroyed. So I guess I have to make this shot work. Please wish me good luck... *gulps*" I told them using Psychic once again. I walked towards the two, Lux and Hoom. Hoom looked over to me with a smile and nodded.

"I trust in you Estelle... Please... Save Lux." she told me.

"I'm always here to help, Hoom. I'll try. I need to see Lux for a second." I replied. I took Lux from her. (sorry to break the couple up ^^' But it's time to end this.) Lux looked at me with his eyes filled with pain and sorrow. His sorrow went through me and touched my heart, for I looked like that at one point of my life.

"Lux... Listen to me. Remember me?" I asked him.

"E-Estelle... Just kill me already." he begged. I shook my head.

"I can never kill what others love" I smiled.

"Then... STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" he roared raising up an angry claw. Then he yelled, for he was trying to control himself.

"AAAaahh!" he yelled.

"It will all be over... I'm here to help." I reinsured him raising up my hand so I could place the berry in his mouth.

"No... It’s over... for... YOU!!!" he roared. He couldn’t control the infected any longer. He looked over to Hoom and reached out his angry claws towards her, ready to slash. I quickly reacted and pushed her out the way and got in front of her, causing her to fall to the ground behind me. Lux slashed my stomach wound causing the cloth around it to be ripped to shreds and my wound opened again. Blood poured down from my stomach. Pain ran through my whole body. But there was no time to give up. I grabbed Lux's hand then dropped on him. Then, without any hesitations, punched him in the stomach with great force causing his mouth to open. I forced the berry in his mouth before he closed it again.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" he screamed. Since he had evil in him, it was going to be a painful process to become normal again. I held him while he screamed and yelled and while he held his head.

"Its okay, Lux... It's over. And please remember, you're not alone..." I whispered. He kept yelling. The tattoos disappeared from his face and his eyes became yellow again. I smiled. Pretty soon the yelling turned into heavy breathing and panting.

"*Pant Pant* .... E-Estelle?" Lux asked.

"You're finally back huh? ... Heh... I'm glad." I said, falling. That was it for me. I'm done with all of this. My body couldn't take another bit. My wound was still bleeding and I was suffering from lost of blood. I was weak and tired. Lux caught me.

"Estelle! Hey! Hang in there, why don't ya?" Lux panicked. "Better yet... I'm pretty tired... too..." he said, fainting. We both collapsed on the floor, close together, asleep. I told him he wasn't alone any longer..., was my thought.


♥ Estelle

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At least now people and new members and hang out at the clearing to heal and stuff. OH and someone please call Mr. Kyuu so he can help you guys heal. Andreas can help. ^A^

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