Uh.. Urm... Hello There.

After talking with Mel a little, she gone off somewhere. Probably to meet up with the others. I didn't mind one bit though. She should get comfortable here if we plan on living together. On that note, I took a book off from my shelf in my room, went outside, and sat in the sun under a tree. It was pretty quite at the clearing so I figured that everyone went off to the market or something.

"Hmmm... The Injustice of Love" I read the name off the book. I didn't remember reading this book before, let alone even buying this book. The kind of "love" this book was talking about wasn't the "love" I've known before. The family love, yes. I was quite familiar with it when I was with the others. But not... Lover's love. Not the True love. My cheeks slightly colored red at the thought of love and I went off into a slight daze. Then suddenly my daze was interrupted by the sound of light snoring. It sounded like it was on the other side of the tree. I took a peek behing it.

"Hmm? What's this? I found a couple from the group, sleeping" I whispered to myself. Crawling on my knees and hands to the other side, I was careful about not making noise. Once I was right infront of the sleeping couple, my eyes widen to see Hoom and a new gijinka boy. This boy resembled Hoom in quite a huge way! I slowly poked out my finger and poked the skull looking thing on his forhead. His eyes began to widen.

"Eeek!" I covered my mouth and panicked. Oh dear! I didn't mean to waken him! The boy looked me in the face.

"Who are you?" he asked inquisitively, in a very sleepy tone.

"Uh Urm... Heh heh. Konnichiwa. My name is Estelle. Uh... I'm a Pokemon Gijinka too as you can see. An espeon to be exact. This is my.. oh I mean our home. Urmm.. Gomen... I didn't mean to wake you." I told him nervously.

♥ Estelle

Sorry I'm late... School ya know. DX