Long off from you...

On a long winters night I rode through the everlasting and never ending snowy plains and hills on my shining white bronco with the hint of auburn spots on his hide on both sides. My long curling black hair shined in the moonlit night, I could feel the breathes going in and out of my stead’s lungs and I patted his neck softly getting a low and soft snort in response. My icy blue eyes stared ahead of me refusing to look back on the past life I once had in the little town of grendwall where the little sleeping Spanish babies and their parents lie sleeping, not aware of what is soon to happen to them when they awaken from their distant slumber. I held my head up high as I made my decision and heeled my bare thigh high booted feet into the thigh of my stead and rode forth away from the town and toward the oncoming futures that are just waiting for me to welcome them in. As I rode forth I couldn’t help but look back for the last second before I would go over the hills and I saw it. A little flicker of orange was coming from the center of the town where the lady Mary statue stood. She was being engulfed into a fiery inferno. As the flames coming from her licked up the clay and wooden houses around the town she felt the small flicker of a smile come to her well formed mouth and grew a bit as she heard the cries coming far off into the distance in those houses being smothered by the loud crackling of the fires are her.
The smile faded as fast as it had come as she saw the policemen and fire marshals, although they were all just volunteers, gathering around trying to figure out what exactly they were to do. She didn’t want to be seen and knew it was her time to just leave there so I saluted the small town with a throw of my hat and heeled her stead and rode off into the oncoming sunrise.
The sun had risen up to its peak, meaning it was still morning but later in the morning and she was feeling the rumbles erupting from her lower regions and she could feel her stead needing some rest from his heavy breathing. I stopped off at a forgotten old cabin area and tied up Xavier to a old Oak tree and told her, “Stay her e and be good, don’t make a sound and I’ll be right back. Warn me if you see anyone coming.”She kissed his cheek and got a small rumble from him putting him now on alert. She winked at him then went back to looking around the cabin to make sure no one was actually still living there. She stepped into the old cabin doors, which were off their hinges by now and looked around a bit. She saw an old red cedar rocking chair that she could tell had been used a lot over the years but from the dust had been forgotten about for awhile now. She also saw a large master bed, Shining sink area, couch that was beaten up way out of its prime and some old dressers with frames on them with the pictures missing.
“Hmmm I wonder had happened to the pictures in here….seems like someone didn’t really care about their place much...”She shook her head and thought to herself that maybe this place wasn’t completely abandoned but she knew this was far better than having to go back to that now charcoaled of a town hundreds of miles back. She came back outside to see Xavier feeding on some grass and she got the big pale from next to her and filled it up to the brim with fresh cold water.
“What exactly are we going to do now Xavier? We can’t just stay here forever…”She shook her head and sighed to herself. She needed to find the nearest areas to find the school places work and everything, she didn’t want to just go around there not having anything to really do…not again.
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