Favorites and Dislikes

Well hello again valued readers. :3 I am back to just add another probably boring post to you but it will keep my mind off of things (hopefully) around me. :)
Anywho... Well to proceed, My likes in the anime and real world would have to be probably Trigun,Shuffle,Digimon,Pokemon (both the last ones meaning digimon and pokemon i only like the originals not the gay ass new shit...), silent hill,Van Helsing,Beta,Naruto,Inuyasha,Bleach(wearing my bleach jacket right now :3 ), Kiki's dilevery service,Princess monanoke,Spirited Away,Howl's moving castle,Bionicles(used to lovethem now im eh with them),Trinity X, Black Bible,Card Capture Sakura,Tokyo mew mew,Sailor moon,Pucca,Red Motorcycle,Magic Knight Rayearth(FAVORITE!!!!!!), Chobits,Hetalia,Gurrean Laguan,Do Rei Mei,Hamtaro,Cowboy Bebop,Samurai Shamploon,Shin Chan,Full metal alchemist,Piano,Azumanga Daoih,Anime Plus,Yes sir master Tokyo,etc.

Now i dislike morethen i have listed that i like so yeah and i dont really have that much time to really look for them all and type them all up. but i dislike Assholes,posers,moody bitches who wont let me just walk along the hallways and not have them trying to fight me,people who call themselves awesome when they really are not :P,when i cant win a video game after a few hours,mustard,swinging bridges,being pinched,smacked,or abused,talked over,really hairy people...,and etc.

I like people who love anime,people who respect that i choose and AM pansexual so suck it otherwise,that im short and fat and just cause i am makes me no different and makes me me.And ketchup and etc.:)

Well if you have made it to here please i do refcommend telling me so i can personally thank you and draw you stuff and if you comment on here ill even make more pictures and even mention you later on wiht your awesomeness well thanks all see ya!

-Playfulemo17125 <//_-'>