Well nothing but everything in a nutshell :3

alright then so welcome to this world of mine mostly just all this shit in my head but welcome...hmmm well let's see....
It has been a long career so far with my anime stuff and writeing since i am usually stuck in the world and it takes me a lot to just get out of that mind to come back to reality because I am having to work like 15 hours a day no matter if i am in school or not. I will write it down in millions of notebooks i will write draw doioodle whatever....it's exausting work but hey i do get paid and i do enjoy it.

well most recently i have been working on my transforming the Gazette to the world of my anime and transforming it along with some of my favorite animes :). and there are several places and people here who keep bringing me back for more of their awesome work :). I can not get over the yaois and yuris and lolis and just the over load of animes. :) they truly make me happy through out my days.

But to conclude along with this I am trying my best to get my art work up here but my publusher keeps saying i shouldnt for the sake of people copyrighting it. and who ever tries to i say will get there ass handed to them in a nice little doggy bag after i am done with it :P so dont mess with me.

Well off i go since i am at school writeing this with my most awesome person nexxt to me :D <3gus i better go but post coimment send me some of your stuff and i might put it here to be seen everywhere well have a great and merciful day seeya!