English major major? (plus joke)

Earlier in out English class, our teacher announced the Top 10 highest graders in her subject (in our section, of course). If I remember correctly, my grade is a doubtful 88. She started from 10 until the number 1 is announced. She already mentioned the top 3 and my classmates are telling me that I may be top 2 or even top 1!

I also noticed that our we only differ in points (87.29, 87.57, etc...) so I became very pressured since I don't know if my 88 is just a round-off or a pure one. Actually, I myself couldn't believe that i would get an 88 for my final grade in English. I expected my grade to be from 80-85 since I'm not the one who recites a lot :P

I'm so surprised that I got top 2. I really admit (not being humble) that I don't deserve to be in that position, even in the Top 10. Even my classmates treat me as the official dictionary/thesaurus/translator of the class. I'm not really that hardworking, just being in a "passing grade" is enough for me...


Reminds me of a joke... (it was a letter found from a bar somewhere in Malate and became an internet sensation, especially for the Filipinos) & don't be surprised with the wrong grammars and spellings, just try to understand :P


I am not surprise or wander why Dennis leave you.


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1 - Masikmura - means "to bear" or "to endure", Sikmura - refers to abdomen or something part of the stomach
2 - Filipino word for "interfering"
3 - Lakad - used as term for "going out" but can also mean as "walk"
4 - a popular classic song here in the Philippines
5 - Isip - "mind" if its corrected but it can also mean as "think"
6 - implies that the writer don't call Marjie names in front and behind the back of Dennis
7 - I actually don't know what the writer meant with that term :P
8 - the writer meant that literally
9 - a comedian known for his big body (literally)