Mail Meh!

Heya folks! *waves*

I'm giving away my primary e-mail address not because I'm weird okay? LOLOL

[email protected]

Write to me should you need to talk or something because in case you've missed it LOL, I rarely visit this wonderful site as of late. And believe me, I really REALLY miss each and every one of you lots but it's kinda hard, you know, to reply to all the PMs and comments. Not to mention that TheO takes a very long time to load and yeah, most of the time the comment pop-up doesn't want to come out. Haish.

So yeah, just so you know I check my email quite often so I'll be more likely to reply in a timely manner. Owh and please state who you are in the mail yah? Otherwise I might think you are a stalker. Or some creepy old geezer XD LOL.

See yah there!