Mein Gott... it's been too long. Faaaaaaaar too long! ( ◕∀◕; ) You know, I am currently temperamental enough to snap at basically everything 'cause my head is in a rather jumbled mess and all that jazz. So yeah, I hope you don't mind point forms, as aloof as they may seem, 'cause so far it's the only easy way for me to state my mind clearly. And it helps me to organize my thoughts, somehow. Anyways!

Thankies soooo much dearies, and by 'dearies' I mean all those awesome mates out there (you might be reading this) who took some time out of their life to actually dedicate me masterpieces, send me PMs, comments, tag me and people who even try to approach and speak to me. I can never thank you enough, you're all too awesome for me to handle!(っ*≧▽≦)つ *awesome beary hugs* I would really REALLY love to reply to ALL but alas, I'm not in the right mental state to do so, nor I have the time. I like to view stuffs when I'm all refreshed and not rushed, otherwise you'll be getting awkward responses and the likes... >__>;

In relation to the previous point, I can't express how sorry I am for being an ass, or a failure, or both, at one point or another. Failed relationships, failed commitments, failed here and there aren't rarities anymore in my life, but I don't intend to continue that appalling cycle... now why do I sound so dejected and angsty? *confuses* On a slightly lighter note, forgive me, my dear friends, for not properly being one. I owe each of you a slap on the face, but I'm only brave enough to say that because I know we can never meet up, so yeah... SLAP MEH! *braces self*

In regards to my arts, of which I like to call 'junks' nowadays, I haven't been drawing or doodling for months. Or years. I've lost all sense of time. By the time I get home from work I usually have no energy left to even think about drawing. Or animes... Games. TheO. And all those fun stuffs I used to like to associate myself with during my youth. I did occasionally draw, but does amoeba count? *laughs.*

Weird... I thought I have so much to tell but now I practically run out of things to say. Regardless, perhaps to answer some of the questions that I assume you would want to ask *shot*, I have been physically fine (I've gained some weight too, but not too much I guess), mentally dead beat but still functional somehow, spiritually much better than before (albeit still not THAT religious), and my friend, if you ever wonder whether or not I still remember you, I do. Well, if you didn't too frequently jump from one username to another that is XD.

OWH! In other news, my cat gave birth to three healthy kittens a week ago! o(≧▽≦)o I named them Spain, Prussia and France --- the Bad Touch Trio from Hetalia LOL. I wonder when will this obsession last XP.

... Wow I wrote a thesis! And you know I'm being incoherent when I stopped starting my points with a kitty emoticon. So yeah, I better shut up before I bore all of you senseless XD. Until next time and stay awesome, dearies!