This is AWESOME! 8D

You know, Hanawa is some(anime-obsessed)one who just happened to stumble (she's THAT clumsy) across this site back in 2005 to loot visually-appealing wallies. People never heard of her ever since the incident. (Un)Fortunately she was back for more riots a few years later to spam otakus' backroom with her sorry excuse for fan-arts and wallies, only to M.I.A. again for only-God-knows-how-long (she's THAT forgetful). Much to many people's dismay, she was sighted again assaulting and attacking otakus' art production, guestbook, inbox, yada-yada, before disappearing just like *snaps fingers* THAT. And the cycle goes on and on and on till the end of time... or not. Apparently she sneaked back into the site on July 2011 to... cheh like she'll tell you *tongue/out* and...

I have no idea why I wrote that autobiographical-like stuffs LOL so yeah, let's speak normally shall we? XD

You know, I haven't the slightest idea that there's ANOTHER level after Otaku Legend. I have no idea what I've done to deserve such a recognition (pfft, belt up, it's only a virtual TITLE!). I know I'm a lousy member and blah blah blah but still, this is truly an honour to me. And I'm ETERNAL-ly grateful to receive the promotion. TheO, YOU ROCK! 8D. For those who've moved up the Otaku ladder as well, omedeto gozaimasu mates! *throws confetti*. And those who have yet to be promoted, please don't sulk, you may still be on the same stage, but you'll never be off the stage! (Ugh, not sure if that'll help, but... whatever).

Geee, this is AWESOME! 8D