Quiz Time

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A little quiz!

You have to answer each question truthfully.
Here we go!

What's your name?
= Hanawa (duh~)

= N/A 8D

Favorite colour(s)?
= Black, black, black, blood red, emerald green

Favorite band(s)/singer(s)?
= Three Days Grace, UVERworld, Home Made Kazoku, Noriaki Sugiyama, Yuuya Matsushita, Abingdon Boys School, T.M. Revolution, SID, L'Arc en Ciel, On Off, Tommy Heavenly6, Yui, ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D, Lady Gaga, Kalafina, Pink etc.

Favorite anime?
= At the moment? Durarara and Hetalia Axis Powers FTW~!

Favorite T.V show (not anime)?
= CSI series, Hawaii Five-O, Leverage, Charmed (earlier ones), The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, etc.

Favorite manga?
= I. Don't. Read. Much. Mangas. *cries* So nope, no favourite.

Favorite Book/series?
= Darren Shan sagas, Sidney Sheldon's series, Jean Webster's Daddy Long Legs, R.L. Stine's vampire ones, etc. I love reading! <3

Favorite Videogames?
= Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy (especially VII and Crisis Core), Tales series, Disgaea, Harvest Moon, Ace Attorney saga, Hitman II: Silent Assassin.

Do you have a pet? What is it? What is it's name? Nickname? Breed?
= Do you really REALLY wanna know? I have a lot, mind yah! So here goes:

1. Neko/Cats (Mixed breeds) - LOADS of them. Cerberus, Italy, Massa, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Shadow, Garfield, Clover, Sam, Alex, Akari, Akira... okay I've lost count! @[email protected];

2. Ox Beetles (Strategus aloeus) - Heracles, Kiku, Sadiq (based off of Hetalia's Greece, Japan, Turkey's human names XP)

3. Tortoise (IDK her breed!) - I just called her Tortoise XP.

Who do you live with?
= Parents, siblings, pets. Who else?

Got any brothers? Sisters?
= A few of both XP.

Where do you live?
= South East Asia, Malaysia "Truly Asia" (my ass) LOL.

Do you go to school?
= Now? Nope, that's history. No more school for me.

Where do you go to school?
= My family moved quite a whole lot so I went to different schools almost every two years. They're somewhere in Malaysia? XDD

Are you in a relationship?
= Not anymore, used to though.

Do you wish you were?
= No thankies, family & work first. Relationship entails responsibilities, and I've had enough of that for the time being.

What's your favorite food?
= Tom Yam (Thai dish), spicy ones, omelet, sweet thingies, sushi.

What's your favorite animal(s)?
= Unicorn *chuckles*. Or mebbe stallion.

Do you have more than one account on the otaku?
= Nope. I can barely maintain THIS one hell of an account, so there you go! XP

Did you ever have a account but erased it before this one?
= *points to my previous answer*

What was your username?
= *sighs*

Do you have a lot of friends on theO?
= If they consider me as friends as well, so yeah, I do. Mebbe... XDD

Do you like how your life is going?
= Not really, 'cause I'm just ungrateful like that XP

If you could go back in time would you?
= Yes yes, how I wish I could. I led a stupidly stupid life before... I wonder what will happen if I were to take a different path? Isn't that intriguing? *wishful thinking*

Do you do something that you and/or others wish you didn't do?
= Of course I did. I hate to say this, but I'm human after all. Aren't we all?

Do you usually talk to others when your upset?
= Define "others". If you mean humans, rarely. I usually turn to my pets when I'm down. I pity them for most of my outbursts! XDD

Are you kind?
= *laughs* Am I?

Are you funny?
= Not at all. There's this one pole up my ass that refrains me from being one.

Forgot to ask this before! When is your Birthday?
= XDD it's December 17th.

Wish someone should just go away?
= What for? I prefer him/her to exist. Life is a whole lot less mundane with him/her around 8D.

Do you like to draw?
= I don't like drawing. I LOVE IT, HECK YEAH~!

What's your hobbies?
= Reading novels, head-banging (I mean, listening to music), anime-watching, drawing/skecthing/doodling, gaming, etc.

What colour is you hair?
= Ebony black, and am proud of it! *shot* XD

Eye colour?
= Hazel/brown/whatever. You know, typical Asian eyes's.

Got any piercing?
= I'm terrified of needles and sharp objects, so nope, NEVER! DX

Do you have ratios? Stuff like that?
= *dumbfounded* What are you talking about? @[email protected];

Do you wear fake eyelashes?
= *laughs* I would I do that? XDD

Fake nails?
= *points to my previous answer*

Do you have long nails?
= Sometimes, when I'm too absent-minded to notice that they've reached villain-like claws! DX

What hollowed costumes have you worn?
= Never in my entire life 'cause I don't celebrate it.

Did you enjoy the quiz?
= Yeaps, not bad!

Would you want a part 2nd the quiz?
= If you're lucky that I'm in the mood, sure! XP



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