Go Figure!

...I'm here TO RANT.

Sorry but I have nowhere else to turn to. Please CLOSE this world if you aren't the type of person who loves witnessing a person ranting.

*clears throat*

Mein Gott, [name of a certain lecturer >__>;], I hate you so much right now! Your selfishness is costing me my health and sanity! *groans.* Now everyone is going to think I went on hiatus from classes or some crap like that because I've been skipping classes for TWO straight days doing your FIVE last-minute assignments which are all due TODAY and I have yet to finish ONE 'cause you just asked us to do them LAST SATURDAY.

Dang it, I've never get so pissed off as I am right now! I swear if you're going to give MOAR last-minute works like these, I'm sooooo gonna flip shit, yo! You've been like this ALL semester! D=<

*huffs puffs*


*calms down*

No, seriously, I'm really pissed. You know, you could have told us SOONER so that we would have enough time for researches and writing and editing and proofreading and RESTING and BREATHING and EATING and SLEEPING and stuffs that normal university students would have the opportunity doing. I hate it when you have our marks at your mercy, and that we are left with no choice but to complete the godd*mn tasks, which are not at all simple.

Just so you know, I really REALLY am not amused, and I hate you, with a passion. Full stop.

*off to complete them all... or prolly to clear her head*