Get Your Pokemon Ready!

*Agitated Hanawa Appears*

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Grateful Roar*

Minna san~!! Thank youuuu so much for all the PMs, comments, AWESOME DEDICATIONS, gifts and most importantly, FRIENDSHIP!! I really REALLY appreciate them all to trillion bits~!!

*It's probably not very affective...*

*Everybody uses Unsub*

*It's Super Effective!*

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Serious Mode*

I know I haven't been online for so loooooong, and haven't got around to reply to ALL the wonderful things you've send to me, I appreciate them all, I really REALLY do . You all have really REALLY made my day! Today, I've managed to reply to some PMs, and I'll try to find some time in the future to reply to the rest. I'm sorry if you've waited like, forever for that.

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Bows BOWS Bows*

And I know that I rarely submit artworks lately. Hence I'm not surprised if one day I logged in again to find out that a few subbers have decided to unsub. But... But ALL of you are still here, and I can't thank YOU enough for that. Thank you, THANK YOU so much~! Geez you guys deserve something much MUCH better than my lowly thank.

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Mega Glomp Attack*

Aren't people in theO the sweetest beings on Gaia?

*Everybody Uses We Are Awesome Chorus*

*Agitated Hanawa Flinches*

Tr- true, you're all mo... moar AWESOME than... Pru... Prussia himself! So yeah, th- the agitated me need to down for a while, again, ahahaaa... I'll be ba- back, again... later!

*Agitated Hanawa Escapes...*