A Quick Post...

... is quick. LOL.

I... uh well, I know I haven't been online for a while. But I've just a moment to spare for theO and this abandoned world 'cause of the assignments and group projects. Will probably scream "FREEDOM!!" later in April or May, depends.

*bows BOWS bows* I'm really REALLY sorry! DX I have YET to read and reply to all the comments and messages in my inbox since IDK, a few weeks back? I wanted to, but I can't, not yet, not until I've finished dealing with the priorities...>.<"

Art-babble: My drawing time is limited to ONLY in between classes or during lectures, so do expect more messy sketches instead of inked ones. So far, the things that I've doodled are head-shots (the easiest XP), and Hetalia fan arts junks LOL. Here are some of them:

I doodled France earlier today (anyone a fan of him? I'm not one LOL) but my scanner's afraid of him XDD.

What else? *rereads the post* Bleh, so much for a quick post huh? XDDD

So yeah, see yah again in 2 months time! Or mebbe if I'm less busy, you'll find me sneaking in earlier than that to post art junks and what not. Till next time again~! *waves*