Tagged Once Again

Am supposed to finish an assignment but boredom gets the better of me LOL so yeah, I thank RayMan87 for the tagging me the other day .

5 Things Meme


5 Nicknames:
1. Hanawa (pretty obvious, duh~ XD)
2. Hana (if you're too lazy to call me by my full name XP)
3. Fifa (restricted to people in real life)
4. Cipi (family & best buddies call me this)
5. Iffy (from my ex-bf, hated it)

5 Best Friends:
Do I really REALLY have to rank these people?
The ever so stubborn me refuse to do so, hence the list in no particular rank-order XP

+ Vampire Kiss
+ Ecnelisterger
+ Carbon Frost (Ace)
+ RayMan87
+ Maria Carlotta
I know there are more, but since the meme said "5 Things"... >__>;

5 Enemies:
+ None
+ Nil
+ Nein
+ Naaaaah
+ 'nuff said

5 Generic Things About You:
1. Gender: Female (in case you've missed this XD)
2. D.O.B: December 17th 19XX ('cause some people asked me this before)
3. Location: South East Asia (Malaysia)
4. Hair colour: Ebony black
5. Eye colour: Hazel

5 Features About Your Face:
1. Furrowed brow (default)
2. Sleepy eyes
3. Funny nose (IDK how to describe it)
4. Clear skin (proud of this one XP)
5. Small, thin lips (soooo NOT sexy bleh)

5 Physical Features you like about yourself:
1. Petite figure
2. I can't think of any atm, sorry!
3. *points to #2*
4. *points to #2,3*
5. *points to #2,3,4*

5 Physical Features You Hate About Yourself:
1. My funny nose
2. Intimidating eyebrows XD
3. N/A
4. *points to #3*
5. *points to #3,4*

5 Random Facts About You:
1. I may be a girl but I'm not at all girly --- dresses, handbags, make-up, high heels and everything under that "Girly" label scares the mickey out of me
2. Due to a certain, bitter childhood experience, I have developed my hematophobic side rather severely. Yesh, show me some blood and there will be a fatal tummy revolution.
3. You can say that I have zero attention span, and can easily get distracted by the simplest and trivial thingies.
4. It's decided that I'm a total chicken wuss when it comes to ghost stories / movies.
5. I'm totally right-handed. I wish I'm ambidextrous though.

5 Things About Your Personality:
1. Generous
2. Perfectionist
3. Persistent
4. Careless
5. Tactless
Might or might not be true though~

5 Colors You Like:
1. Black
2. Black
3. Black
4. Blood, crimson red
5. Emerald green
I wonder why I've cast a rather DARK atmosphere over life...

5 Foods You Like:
+ Tom Yam (Thai dish)
+ Omelet
+ Spicy food
+ Sweet ones
+ Sushi

5 Bands You Like:
1. Abingdon Boys School
3. L 'Arc en Ciel
4. Girugamesh
5. SID
All are subjected to change though.

5 Scents You Like:
1. Rain
2. Camomile tea
3. Potpourri I got from Vampire Kiss
4. (will get back to you later)
5. (see #4)

5. Movies You Like:
I don't really watch movies! DX
1. N/A
2. *points to #1*
3. *points to #1,2*
4. *points to #1,2,3*
5. *points to #1,2,3,4*

5 Celebrities You Like:
1. Yuuya Matsushita
2. Shirota Yuu
3. Ninomiya Kazunari
4. Haruma Miura
5. Takaoka Sousuke

5 Things About Your Best Friend:
1. Short-fused
2. Intelligent
3. Sarcastic
4. A terrible liar
5. Considerate

5 Things About Your Crush:
1. Silver hair
2. Wielding the legendary Masamune
3. Godly tall
4. Has a beef with a spiky blonde dude
5. Piercing emerald eyes
A cookie awaits those who can point out who~

5 Hobbies:
1. Reading novels
2. Head-banging, I mean listening to music
3. Watch animes
4. Play games
5. Drawing / sketching / doodling

5 Talents:
1. Drawing
2. Doing research
3. Public speaking
4. Managing anger
5. Staying awake for days XP

5 People You're Gonna Tag:
1. Ecnelisterger
2. Carbon Frost
3. ReiKiba
4. Kitty K.O.
5. KrondorianV

Took me a while to do this though, especially on the movie part XDD, but twas fun, really~