[h a n a w a]
is almost a semi-mathematical formula
which comprises of details like
+ [Angsty]
/ [Notty]
x [Anime-freak]
- [Wannabe aka WTF?!]
= [All of the above].

Recently (self-) crowned as the most complicated formula of the century.

Gimme a B R E A K

I finally managed to get a 2 days break from work. So I take the liberty to post something for my fan art. And my scanner... it hates me
So some artworks are snapped via digicam instead.
None-the-less, my most favourite artwork is this one:

The front guy is Adam Warner, a senator and the one behind him is a mafia boss, Michael Morentti (I don't know if I spelled his name correctly)
Although the artwork is mine, the characters are abstracted from Sidney Sheldon's novel "Rage of Angels"

That's all folks.
Stay tune for the next post!

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This world presents words of my voice.
And mind ya... since here's my dominion, do hear me out:

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  • And on one lucky day should you happen to go "OMG! arent those typos?!" I tel ya what.... think again. They are obviously NOT typos. (Pssst: Havent you heard of verbal art?)
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And for that I thank you, from the very bottom of my disjointed heart.