[h a n a w a]
is almost a semi-mathematical formula
which comprises of details like
+ [Angsty]
/ [Notty]
x [Anime-freak]
- [Wannabe aka WTF?!]
= [All of the above].

Recently (self-) crowned as the most complicated formula of the century.

:: Note to Whom It May Concern ::

Wow I really REALLY miss this place. But I can't be here that long as I've to study for tomorow's paper - Public Relations, and 2 more exams on 6th and 7th April. Gosh, for the love of NEKO, haven't I toldcha how I hate final exams? It's capable of killing all my brain cells till my whole body system feel like shutting down like, pronto!

Okay I better cut the craps and get straight to the point.

Those who've sent me PMs - I really REALLY am sorry I can't immediately reply most of it in the mean time.

Those who've visited my portfolio, subscribed and/or signed my guestbook - I'll DEFINITELY return the favour next time!

Vampire Kiss - I still haven't read your letter (and say HELLO to Sebby )'cause I can't go back home just yet. Terribly sorry for the extremely looooooong wait! (>____<)

I'll be free from 9th or 10th April onwards... So until next time, minna-san!

:: M.I.A ::

*screams* Final exams FINAL EXAMS!!! (>___<); Guess I'll be M.I.A. again from right about NOW until mebbe early April. Owh but if I have spare times I'll definitely post something cause there are still tonnes of fanarts waiting to be uploaded.

Wish me luck minna san - I really REALLY need it, a LOT! XD

:: Treading Water ::

... Okay maybe "temporarily" is NOT the best word. Cause I guess I'll be away for God-knows-how-long. My sanity is in outer space right now. It'll take some time to get back down-to-earth LOL XD

*murmurs* I really miss everyone here though...
And I need a new scanner. Seriously. Otherwise all my artworks will decay in time.

:: Osore ::

O__O!! Wow can't believe I've been away from my own world for AGES!
(I blame assignments and exams... d*mn them for dehumanizing me for the past few weeks...)

It's good to be back again and I really am grateful for this 4-days Chinese New Year holiday. But there's a BUT. I (probably) won't be active as my family and I will be on a trip to the land of the Strawberries. LOL. People in Malaysia call that place Cameron Highlands. Not a very great place to be, but I guess it's far FAR better than staying at home all the time (... I'm already growing roots here)

Btw "Osore" is a Japanese word meaning "Fear"
--- My biggest fear as a member of theO is to lose all the super nice friends I've known a couple of weeks ago. Really.

A drawing I sketched a few weeks ago. I intend to scan and publish it but a friend of mine "hijacked" it from me (sighs). Frankly, 70 percent of my artworks are currently with her but I don't mind though. It's not that big a deal so I couldn't care less, as long as she doesn't utilize my works for personal gains. I believe in her cause she's my best buddies

Anyway! Like I've said, I'll be away for a couple of days. Or maybe more. (Cause Malaysia's 16 percent broadband penetration truly is sux... )

Will be seeing yah again, I'm sure. Tata~! (waves)

:: H A N A W A... Who? ::


I'm very VERY much happy here although I've only truly been active for a very short while.
... Well, it IS true that I've been a member since 2005 but at that time I was only here for wallpaper downloading, not to post and comment stuffs XD.
I'm glad that my friend (not a member, unfortunately) urged me to make an account here to post "Black Butler in Blue" otherwise I wouldn't have met LOADS and LOADS of great and nice and helpful people here!
Back to the story, when I'm about to register I realized that "Wait a minute! I DO have an account here!" So after a while (I've to log in with multiple passwords!)... here I am! Posting some crappy wallies and arts and making new friends <---- I'm not good at this so please BEAR with me yah?

Thought I disclose few things about myself :

The O Name >> Hanawa aka Hana
Real Name >> Afiffah
Nick name >> Fifa (reminds me of the football association LOL) , Cipi
Sex >> Female
D.O.B >> December 17th , 19XX
Location >> Malaysia
e-mail >> [email protected]
Languages >> Malay , English , a weeny bit of Japanese and Arabic
Occupation >> Full time student , part time slacker
Hobbies >> Sketching , reading , anime watching , gaming , photography , daydreaming
Colours >> Black , red , blue
Food >> Juicy meat
Drinks >> Green tea (preferably cold)
Loves >> Art , music , good books , peace , photography , nekos
Hates >> War , vegetables , people who laugh at other people's misery
Animes >> 07-Ghost , Pandora Hearts , Kuroshitsuji , Code Geass, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and SEED , Darker Than Black , Baccano! , Death Note , Himitsu Top Secret , Junjyou Romantica , Nodame Cantabile , Ouran High School Host Club , Tales of the Abyss , Vampire Knight etc
(Kyaaa~~ I just LOVE animes! )
Music >> Abingdon Boys School , Girugamesh , L' Arc en Ciel , Antic Cafe , Stereopony , Access , Tegomass , GReeeeN , Yui , BUMP of Chicken

... Those are NOT few! LOL
Btw I really REALLY hope to get along well with more people here and be good friends

Until next time.
See yah~!

Psst: A cactus? Well read my haiku-like description here:

Tweensy weensy and tiny,
yet so spiky, thorny and sturdy.
--- That lone CACTUS is me.