[h a n a w a]
is almost a semi-mathematical formula
which comprises of details like
+ [Angsty]
/ [Notty]
x [Anime-freak]
- [Wannabe aka WTF?!]
= [All of the above].

Recently (self-) crowned as the most complicated formula of the century.

*hugs HUGS hugs*

Yesh, you have been hugged by meh! *more hugs HUGS hugs*

*clears throat*

Ehto... I really REALLY dunno how to put this but yesh, I am a very VERY busy person (and I know we all are). Even when I'm not doing anything in particular, I still have this one loooooooooooooooooong list of stuffs that I really REALLY should be doing. So I don't get the chance to reply to all PMs and comments. I feel guilty about it, I really REALLY do because I should reply to them all. *sobs* Now I feel like I'm such a bad theO member! DX

Believe me, I haven't draw any fan art as of late; my very last one is Takeru! *fails at life* I tend to get all involved and engrossed in what I've been doing --- studies, driving lessons, Nihongo classes, etc --- and I end up forgetting everything related to theO blah blah blah. You don't wanna hear any of this, I'm sure. LOL.

Wanted to tell you *points* yesh, YOU, that I really REALLY miss you and theO sooooo darn much. I've been thinking to draw something as dedications for some of you here, but my art just isn't getting anywhere. Mebbe it's difficult to draw when I'm not at all confident in what I'm working on? Beats me.

One out of many failed attempts at doodling

*stares at the sketch* UUGGGHHHH!

Forgive me, it's 3.33am here in Malaysia, and I'm not doing so well lately.
Here. I'll shut up now. LOL. And here's more before I go *hugs HUGS hugs*

Hanawa aka Hana



I'm now officially doing double majors in university, taking driving lessons (yeah it IS late, I know...), and registering for Japanese classes at night, so yeah, busy BUSY busy!

Just dropping by to say that I won't be online for quite some time. Well, I may log on from time to time (like now) but I won't guarantee that I'll be able to reply ALL comments and PMs. Sorry about that *bows*

Will be back again on God-knows-when... ahhh I'll be missing you guys and theO! DX

Jya neh!
Hanawa aka Hana

Thunk, People, THUNK!

I was playing this one Nintendo DS game, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All (the second game out of the 5 series). The game is insanely entertaining thanks to its uberly addictive ingredients --- tangy plot, flavourful lines of characters, and thirst quenching gameplay --- mix them all well, and stir for however long you like it. After that it is ready to be served, preferably HOT *chuckles*

Surprise SURPRISE! I just knew that Justice for All had won a Nintendo Power Award 2007 for Best Story/Writing! No wonder... the game script is one of the best that I've encountered so far (heh like I've played thousands of games before!), featuring numerous pop culture nods and in-jokes --- and if I may say, it definitely lives up to the first game, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. So if you're thinking of giving Justice for All a go, you better start with the first one... first! XD


For all I know the PERFECT game script for Justice For All might have been... IM-perfect after all. Just look at this screenshot that I've captured:

*face-palms* Hey Mr. Lawyer, did you mean... thInker *chuckles* Now this is something! Given the fact that the letter U and I are next to each other in the QWERTY keyboard layout, that "thunker" is definitely NOT a context joke, but more likely a mere typo. And a hilarious one at that, considering how serious Phoenix is when he thunks of that. I mean, thinks. (Sorry Phoenix, don't wanna offend yah or something, but seriously, I'm having a lot of fun teasing yah! XP)

XD LOL So people, what's the epic lesson for today?

:: We must be a good THUNKER! ::

Me? Heck yes, I AM a good thunker. Ah I mean, thinker!
*Phoenix's Thunker Syndrome really IS contagious...*
Hanawa aka Hana

:: Sneak Peek ::

I know I haven't been posting any fan arts as of late because lately, I've been so darn tired and uninspired. I've told people that "I'm okay" for about a thousand times or more, but the truth is I really REALLY need someone to look at me in the eye and say "Tell me the truth."

Anyway, I've tried colouring Sataru --- SashyFrassy's OC, but the outcome is not exactly as pwetty as what I have in mind but owh well, like I have time to re-colour from scratch! DX. I should have inked the sketch first BEFORE jumping off to the colouring process. No wonder the outcome looks rather hideous (big FAT thankies to the uberly messy sketch! DX). Gotta fix the flaws somehow --- without having to re-colour everything... *blarg!*

Am not satisfied with it, and am obviously not gonna post it any time soon but I'm confident enough to post a sneak peek of the semi-coloured Sataru:

Gotta hit the bed now, it's already 5am here! Nighty night!

Hanawa aka Hana

Hanawa's Piece (PEACE!) of Mind

Tagged by Ecnelis (again?? XD)

- Tag at least 6 people.
- Be honest...

01. What's your favorite things about theOtaku?
*thinks* the friendly peeps here, the amazing artworks and worlds, all the talented artists... and the list goes on and on and on! XP

02. What's the most detestable things you found in this site?
I should hold back some punches aite? Hmmm some members are really REALLY getting on my nerve, but hell no, I’m NOT telling who.

03. What's your hope when you subscribe to someone?
Getting to know them better of course, I love making new friends. And seeing (plus commenting) more of their works.

04. If you're given one chance to change a feature in this site, what would that be?
Seriously, none at the moment, am pwetty much content with things the way they are.

05. Do you like meeting new members, and why and why is that?
You bet! ‘Cause in a way that’ll help me improve my ever-so-sux social skill.

06. What do you like most in some of theO members?
Their efforts in producing super decent artworks --- I definitely gotta learn to put my all in my works…

07. Do you have something you hate in some of the members?
Attempts at flirting and cybering --- you know I’m not here for those! >=(

08. Lastly, what do you think of these questions? And do you hope it was never made?
They are okay, had to do some thinking before answering though *not really a waste of time* but some pondering is actually good for my lousy dead brain cells.

Repost this as:
(your name)'s piece of mind.

And you peeps, sorry for tagging yah but I'm just doing my job! DX
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