[h a n a w a]
is almost a semi-mathematical formula
which comprises of details like
+ [Angsty]
/ [Notty]
x [Anime-freak]
- [Wannabe aka WTF?!]
= [All of the above].

Recently (self-) crowned as the most complicated formula of the century.

Achtung!! DX

Konnichiwa minna san!

I've been meaning to post this a few days back, but the page wouldn't load properly, hence the delay... >___>;

*clears throat*
As you've probably noticed, I have deleted my "In My Pants" meme. Yesh, I gotta admit that THAT meme was funny, well to a certain extent, but deep down inside it left me feeling very VERY uncomfy and uneasy. To think that I've completed and posted a meme as inappropriate and indecent as that one on an online site, no, an ANIME/MANGA/GAME/whatever site... IDK what has gotten into me... *head/wall* DX

So yeah, I did it once, but I can assure you (and myself) that I'll never commit the same mistake ever again. That kind of thing is soooooooo not me, and by all means, I don't want any of you to get the wrong idea about me. Dakara onegaishimasu, please forgive my stupidity! *bows BOWS bows*

Anyways, I've deleted it (haven't I told you that? Owh yesh I did XP) and I suggest you, yesh *points* YOU to stay safe on the Internet and avoid doing anything detrimental to yourself. Some of you might think that "This girl thinks too much" but hey, have you read SunfallE's reminder? If you haven't already, I suggest you to go and read it like, pronto:

The Internet is a Den of Monsters

I guess that's all --- the more I speak(type?) the more stupid I sound so I'll shut up now *seals mouth*

Hanawa aka Hana

I'm going to... *kills someone*

IF you saw 3 or more "Keijiro" wallpapers from me, IGNORE ALL BUT THE FIRST ONE.

My Internet connection / lappy / whatever has been very VERY crappy as of late, I dunno why DX. I've been trying to submit a wallie just now and took about 3 times or more to upload, but each time the screen went blank. Greaaaaaaaat.

And I couldn't even check and reply PMs and comments for the very same reason. I'm just hoping that at least, this very post will reach you *prays hard*

So yeah, after this do ignore all but the first "Keijiro" wallies from me, PLEASE and THANK YOU.



Something, no, LOADS of stuffs coming up (including FINAL EXAMS) so yeah, I'll be away for mebbe a few days/weeks, depends. Don't miss me too much now LOL jk2.

Actually am kinda in rush now so yeah, guess I'll be seeing yah again when the time is right --- with new FAN ARTS of course~

Jya neh!
Hanawa aka Hana

Have They No Shame?! DX

... It doesn't take a genius to answer a BIG FAT "NO!"

So yeah peeps, this cybering/cybersex/whatever issue has actually gone on long enough and it pissed the hell out of me, and everyone else too. SunfallE san did a good job at explaining things than I do, so I'll let her post do most of the talking now.


Be safe, people!
Hanawa aka Hana

I Have Noticed...

.... that about 6 subscribers have decided to unmark me. LOL.

To be frank I do not mind the slightest because at least now I know that these people (whoever they are, I don't bother to go and check) subscribed to me primarily and solely because of my ARTS, and not because of friendship and anything akin to it...

*clears throat* Ah herm!

Anyway, I have to tell you that lately, I have started doodling and sketching again. However most of them are actually rubbish which I don't bother posting anywhere in theO, for fear that they'll break your screen and stain your eyesight. XD LOL.

Okay, mebbe I'll be nice and post a few of them for starters. Then you'll get to be witnesses that my arts have obviously getting nowhere, skill-wise. But first I will have to scan, no, FIND MY SCANNER... DX

*off to the store room*
Hanawa aka Hana