[h a n a w a]
is almost a semi-mathematical formula
which comprises of details like
+ [Angsty]
/ [Notty]
x [Anime-freak]
- [Wannabe aka WTF?!]
= [All of the above].

Recently (self-) crowned as the most complicated formula of the century.

Go Figure!

...I'm here TO RANT.

Sorry but I have nowhere else to turn to. Please CLOSE this world if you aren't the type of person who loves witnessing a person ranting.

*clears throat*

Mein Gott, [name of a certain lecturer >__>;], I hate you so much right now! Your selfishness is costing me my health and sanity! *groans.* Now everyone is going to think I went on hiatus from classes or some crap like that because I've been skipping classes for TWO straight days doing your FIVE last-minute assignments which are all due TODAY and I have yet to finish ONE 'cause you just asked us to do them LAST SATURDAY.

Dang it, I've never get so pissed off as I am right now! I swear if you're going to give MOAR last-minute works like these, I'm sooooo gonna flip shit, yo! You've been like this ALL semester! D=<

*huffs puffs*


*calms down*

No, seriously, I'm really pissed. You know, you could have told us SOONER so that we would have enough time for researches and writing and editing and proofreading and RESTING and BREATHING and EATING and SLEEPING and stuffs that normal university students would have the opportunity doing. I hate it when you have our marks at your mercy, and that we are left with no choice but to complete the godd*mn tasks, which are not at all simple.

Just so you know, I really REALLY am not amused, and I hate you, with a passion. Full stop.

*off to complete them all... or prolly to clear her head*


Wish Fulfilled...

... by doing a Tibetan Test? This is unbelievable but yeah, I'm kinda curious so I did the test. Here's my result:

1-st question. Priorities in your life:


2-nd question:

Loyal implies your own personality.
Curious implies personality of your partner.
Sneaky implies the personality of your enemies
Bittersweet- It is how you interpret sex.
Deep implies your own life.

3-rd question:

Carbon Frost - Someone you will never forget.
Ecnelisterger - Someone you consider your true friend.
Vampire Kiss - Someone that you really love.
Maria Carlotta - Your twin soul.
RayMan87 - Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Clicky HERE for the link~


I tag these people:

1. RayMan87
2. Ashio
3. Ecnelisterger
4. Maria Carlotta
5. Kitty K.O.
6. Blue Latte
7. Allie Elric

... Now I'm anxious about a particular day >___>;


Get Your Pokemon Ready!

*Agitated Hanawa Appears*

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Grateful Roar*

Minna san~!! Thank youuuu so much for all the PMs, comments, AWESOME DEDICATIONS, gifts and most importantly, FRIENDSHIP!! I really REALLY appreciate them all to trillion bits~!!

*It's probably not very affective...*

*Everybody uses Unsub*

*It's Super Effective!*

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Serious Mode*

I know I haven't been online for so loooooong, and haven't got around to reply to ALL the wonderful things you've send to me, I appreciate them all, I really REALLY do . You all have really REALLY made my day! Today, I've managed to reply to some PMs, and I'll try to find some time in the future to reply to the rest. I'm sorry if you've waited like, forever for that.

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Bows BOWS Bows*

And I know that I rarely submit artworks lately. Hence I'm not surprised if one day I logged in again to find out that a few subbers have decided to unsub. But... But ALL of you are still here, and I can't thank YOU enough for that. Thank you, THANK YOU so much~! Geez you guys deserve something much MUCH better than my lowly thank.

*Agitated Hanawa Uses Mega Glomp Attack*

Aren't people in theO the sweetest beings on Gaia?

*Everybody Uses We Are Awesome Chorus*

*Agitated Hanawa Flinches*

Tr- true, you're all mo... moar AWESOME than... Pru... Prussia himself! So yeah, th- the agitated me need to b...ba...back down for a while, again, ahahaaa... I'll be ba- back, again... later!

*Agitated Hanawa Escapes...*

A Quick Post...

... is quick. LOL.

I... uh well, I know I haven't been online for a while. But I've just a moment to spare for theO and this abandoned world 'cause of the assignments and group projects. Will probably scream "FREEDOM!!" later in April or May, depends.

*bows BOWS bows* I'm really REALLY sorry! DX I have YET to read and reply to all the comments and messages in my inbox since IDK, a few weeks back? I wanted to, but I can't, not yet, not until I've finished dealing with the priorities...>.<"

Art-babble: My drawing time is limited to ONLY in between classes or during lectures, so do expect more messy sketches instead of inked ones. So far, the things that I've doodled are head-shots (the easiest XP), and Hetalia fan arts junks LOL. Here are some of them:

I doodled France earlier today (anyone a fan of him? I'm not one LOL) but my scanner's afraid of him XDD.

What else? *rereads the post* Bleh, so much for a quick post huh? XDDD

So yeah, see yah again in 2 months time! Or mebbe if I'm less busy, you'll find me sneaking in earlier than that to post art junks and what not. Till next time again~! *waves*


Tagged Once Again

Am supposed to finish an assignment but boredom gets the better of me LOL so yeah, I thank RayMan87 for the tagging me the other day .

5 Things Meme


5 Nicknames:
1. Hanawa (pretty obvious, duh~ XD)
2. Hana (if you're too lazy to call me by my full name XP)
3. Fifa (restricted to people in real life)
4. Cipi (family & best buddies call me this)
5. Iffy (from my ex-bf, hated it)

5 Best Friends:
Do I really REALLY have to rank these people?
The ever so stubborn me refuse to do so, hence the list in no particular rank-order XP

+ Vampire Kiss
+ Ecnelisterger
+ Carbon Frost (Ace)
+ RayMan87
+ Maria Carlotta
I know there are more, but since the meme said "5 Things"... >__>;

5 Enemies:
+ None
+ Nil
+ Nein
+ Naaaaah
+ 'nuff said

5 Generic Things About You:
1. Gender: Female (in case you've missed this XD)
2. D.O.B: December 17th 19XX ('cause some people asked me this before)
3. Location: South East Asia (Malaysia)
4. Hair colour: Ebony black
5. Eye colour: Hazel

5 Features About Your Face:
1. Furrowed brow (default)
2. Sleepy eyes
3. Funny nose (IDK how to describe it)
4. Clear skin (proud of this one XP)
5. Small, thin lips (soooo NOT sexy bleh)

5 Physical Features you like about yourself:
1. Petite figure
2. I can't think of any atm, sorry!
3. *points to #2*
4. *points to #2,3*
5. *points to #2,3,4*

5 Physical Features You Hate About Yourself:
1. My funny nose
2. Intimidating eyebrows XD
3. N/A
4. *points to #3*
5. *points to #3,4*

5 Random Facts About You:
1. I may be a girl but I'm not at all girly --- dresses, handbags, make-up, high heels and everything under that "Girly" label scares the mickey out of me
2. Due to a certain, bitter childhood experience, I have developed my hematophobic side rather severely. Yesh, show me some blood and there will be a fatal tummy revolution.
3. You can say that I have zero attention span, and can easily get distracted by the simplest and trivial thingies.
4. It's decided that I'm a total chicken wuss when it comes to ghost stories / movies.
5. I'm totally right-handed. I wish I'm ambidextrous though.

5 Things About Your Personality:
1. Generous
2. Perfectionist
3. Persistent
4. Careless
5. Tactless
Might or might not be true though~

5 Colors You Like:
1. Black
2. Black
3. Black
4. Blood, crimson red
5. Emerald green
I wonder why I've cast a rather DARK atmosphere over life...

5 Foods You Like:
+ Tom Yam (Thai dish)
+ Omelet
+ Spicy food
+ Sweet ones
+ Sushi

5 Bands You Like:
1. Abingdon Boys School
3. L 'Arc en Ciel
4. Girugamesh
5. SID
All are subjected to change though.

5 Scents You Like:
1. Rain
2. Camomile tea
3. Potpourri I got from Vampire Kiss
4. (will get back to you later)
5. (see #4)

5. Movies You Like:
I don't really watch movies! DX
1. N/A
2. *points to #1*
3. *points to #1,2*
4. *points to #1,2,3*
5. *points to #1,2,3,4*

5 Celebrities You Like:
1. Yuuya Matsushita
2. Shirota Yuu
3. Ninomiya Kazunari
4. Haruma Miura
5. Takaoka Sousuke

5 Things About Your Best Friend:
1. Short-fused
2. Intelligent
3. Sarcastic
4. A terrible liar
5. Considerate

5 Things About Your Crush:
1. Silver hair
2. Wielding the legendary Masamune
3. Godly tall
4. Has a beef with a spiky blonde dude
5. Piercing emerald eyes
A cookie awaits those who can point out who~

5 Hobbies:
1. Reading novels
2. Head-banging, I mean listening to music
3. Watch animes
4. Play games
5. Drawing / sketching / doodling

5 Talents:
1. Drawing
2. Doing research
3. Public speaking
4. Managing anger
5. Staying awake for days XP

5 People You're Gonna Tag:
1. Ecnelisterger
2. Carbon Frost
3. ReiKiba
4. Kitty K.O.
5. KrondorianV

Took me a while to do this though, especially on the movie part XDD, but twas fun, really~