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Header Card Packaging serves as an information source. They are placed on top of poly bags. They are constructed from cardstock. The most appropriate thickness is 10pt. A header card of 10pt can accommodate bags of up to 2lbs. If you are weighing your item is greater than that, you can opt for a heavier cardstock. The reason to use cardstock is to give toughness and durability to the hanger cards. The header cards for retail packaging are made with care and precision as they are required to be part of an entire set of products. In addition, fold-over packaging labels assist in raising awareness for your product.

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Customized Header card packaging in full color will eventually cut down your overall costs on the price of bags. If you choose large-scale blank header card printing and expand the quantity the cost is automatically cut in half. Wabs Print and Packaging is among the most popular names for customized header card printing. Let's find out more about custom header cards for retail packaging and how to utilize this basic packaging to ensure your products are placed on the shelves.

From a business perspective point of view, the custom-designed header is among the top ways to package your products. So, businesses are adopting small-scale packaging techniques. The custom-sized packaging or PVC bags that have header cards play an important role in their growth.

Promote Your Business with Custom Printed Header Card Packaging at Low Cost

Header card packaging is a great way to promote your business at a low price. Packaging is always very important for branding your products and brands, as we all know.

It is best to promote your business using the most simple and attractive ways possible. These are just a few facts to help you understand how blank header cards for packaging are important in packaging for your business.

Your products will be of premium quality
Construction at an affordable price
The packaging doesn't require any special equipment
Packaging can be speeded up
This packaging is ideal for small quantities of products

Increase your selling with the Power of Custom Header Card Packaging

If you are selling items in plastic wrappers the most crucial aspect that makes the entire packaging appealing will be the header card. Header card packaging is those that are stapled or glued to the top of the plastic wrap. The header card packaging for retail is designed with the information of the product as well as the company or other images or text for promotion. The more appealing the card's head is the more prominent or visible your product will be it is placed in retail stores for retail.
If you're looking for custom-designed blank header cards for packaging, designed flawlessly with your logo, you should look no further than Wabs Print and Packaging. Wabs Print and Packaging is more than to give you top-quality header cards made by an in-house group of professional designers, free of cost! Packaging Boxes aims to make the purchasing of wholesale header cards experience an affordable and enjoyable one.