Here I shall post about my Otaku life here. Who I meet, and shtuffz that happens. Guest posters? Of course they're welcome!

Lol thought this was too funny

You say pink
I say black
You say Joe Jonas
I say Bill Kaulitz
You say Holister
I say Hot Topic
You say Hip-Hop,
I say Pop/Rock.
You say high heels
I say high tops
You say I'm Punk
I say It's better than being a prep
You say I'm weird
if u agree put this on your world

Here I will be talking about random shiz that may get me in trouble sometimes

~My OC~

Full name: Kuri Shirayuki
Age: 17
Height: 5'4
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: currently Sky Blue
Appearance: Semi-pale complexion, flawless skin, snakebites on lower lip (2,) eyebrow piercing on left eyebrow, scene clothing.
Abilities: Succubus/Siren powers
Personality: Laid-back. Kind of shy, but always helpful. Hates to use her powers to actually grt guys. Can be found either on the roof, cleaning, or spying on things. Hates that people think she's like all others who wear scene styles.

How Lucky am I?

How lucky am I? To have such great friends as all of you here? There are no words to express my gratitude to you all for just...being there. Like,i'm so grateful. Thank you all.


I've been thinking. Yesterday, baka red told me he wants to start a Soul Eater RP. I think it's a marvelous idea. Obviously, it'd be about Soul Eater. But there'd be little things like love things and stuff.

Stranger. .________.

Guys, i'm so sorry!!! I've been such a stranger!!! Please forgive me! I understand that there's a few new members on chat? I'd love to meet them! I'd PM them myselves, but I dunno their, could one of you have them PM me? I'll love you forever <3

All the Love <3

When I come on theO, do you know the one thing I see that makes me happy? Love. All of the love here. Not just friendship love, but true love. There are some really cute couples here. When I see them, it gives me hope. I knlw this is kinda stupid, but when I look at them, I know that someday, this will be me. I don't have to fear that I will never find that special someone.

I also want to say congrats to Blake and Oneesama. 3 months! You guys are so grown up now. TwT. I am so happy for you guys :D

So yeah. I felt the need to acknowledge this and say....thank you. Thank you to all the couples here who show me that there is someone waiting for me.

I already have my eyes set on someone from my school :D

MyO family, I love you guys â¥

Man, where to start? You've been through so much lately. I'm just glad you all are still a part of my family. I wanna welcome all the new family members, too. I love all you guys so much. I'd do anything for you guys. You all mean so much to me. I love all you guys the same (as much as i love my husband ♥ who is going away QnQ). You all have been there for me through a lot, and I want to do the same for you guys. I mean, I can't really do much, but I want to do whatever I can to be there. There are a few members I want to talk about specifically.

Oneesama, you're first. You are like my sister in real life, you know? We do have fights (not too often). I just want to say that, no matter what, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ♥ (WOLFEH YOU GOTS COMPETITION).

Aniki, MY HUSBAND WHY ARE YOU GOING AWAY????? You're gonna leave your wife alone. QnQ. Well, at least come back alive. Otherwise, where would my advice buddy be???