Waiting for Today

Before anyone gets confused, this story covers Etxel’s perspective from before the time Nyx and Xerebus had their moment to the point before Xakiah and the others meet up with Triskix. As a reminder he has just left Merlin’s house and has just arrived at Citadel Abyss in Xerebus’ office. Alright, with that little explanation out of the way, enjoy! ^_^

“Sir Xerebus, we need to talk.”

Slowly adjusting his chair to face me, Xerebus examined me before casually asking, “Oh, you’re still alive. Tell me, are you here for revenge?”

Taken aback by his questions and tone of voice, I looked at him quizzically and asked, “Whatever for? You have not wronged me, have you?”

Lightly smirking, Xerebus shook his head and told me to forget what he had asked. Looking up at me once more he continued, “So what brings you here, Etxel? It’s not often that you come in unannounced.”

“Yes, about that,” I began seriously, “Sir Xerebus, are you aware of the current situation at Castle Oblivion?” Considering the man that I was talking too, this question most likely painted me out to be a rather obtuse individual (to put it mildly). Nevertheless, it was my intention of getting straight to the point and figuring out his stance on recent events so I cared little about its illustration of my personal character. Staring at me for a time, Sir Xerebus sighed and nodded slowly and told me to proceed. “Lady Xakiah suspects that what she calls ‘better company’ is on their way to this castle as we speak. Before that happens I wish to know about your stance on these circumstances and if it is your intention to act upon them. Would you be willing to share this knowledge with me?”

Closing his eyes, Sir Xerebus remained silent for the next few minutes. This was rather unusual because under normal circumstances he would make quick, effective decisions regarding his position and what to do next. However, his current action made me question exactly what these events meant to him. When I really stopped to consider it, I knew very little about the man sitting in front of me aside that his existence was tied to that of the leader of Organization Oblivion. Disregarding these facts, I waited to hear from Sir Xerebus himself on what he intended to do from this point on because I wanted to obtain a clearer picture about the standing feud between these two men and how exactly this was going to affect our chances of victory. Opening his eyes, Sir Xerebus calmly stated, “Alright, since you are so interested in knowing, I’ll tell you: What I am going to do now is finish what was started long ago.”

Of the things that managed to irritate me, cryptic answers were ones that never failed to deliver. I suppose such feelings are odd, especially considering that the one I love uses them frequently, but in the face of others I held little patience. Holding back my frustration as much as possible, I asked for Sir Xerebus to clear up his statement. Before he had a chance to respond there was a quick knock at the door.

“Sorry for the interruption Etxel, but I believe that if you stick around you may find ‘better company,’” said Karonx with a false, warm smile etched on his face as he gradually opened the door. I personally was rather upset with him for eavesdropping on our conversation and was about to speak up against this vulgar action until I noticed that he was opening the door for a lady. Looking at her closely, I recognized her to be one of the ladies—Lady Nyx, to be precise—that had accompanied Lady Xakiah during the last time she was here at Citadel Abyss. After completing this simple task he said to her, “Xerebus said you could come in now… Well, I guess that I shouldn’t say that. Due to I never really did tell him how many and who was here but…”

I had enough of his conceited demeanor and decided it best to change the situation. Turning to our guest, I said hospitably, “Hello Lady Nyx. It is nice to see you again. Thankfully, these circumstances are much more pleasant than our last. May I inquire about Lady RaXi’s well being?”

Smiling, she responded slightly timid, “Hi, um… She’s okay. Off on her own mission at the moment, but just the same.”

“Nyx,” cut in Karonx a little more professionally, “this way please.” From there Karonx proceeded to guide Lady Nyx inside. After he had guided her to the center of the room, he affirmed to Lady Nyx that this was the site for the negotiations—which I assumed he meant for the crises at hand—and took his leave. Just before he made his way out the door, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me outside with him.

Feeling disgruntled at the man who was grating on my nerves and who was preventing me from carrying out my mission, I spat in frustration, “Karonx, you are testing my patience. Unhand me at once!”

Ignoring my demands, Karonx instead shut the door behind us and stared at the arm he currently held captive. Looking at me light-heartedly he asked, “What’s the matter Etxel? I thought knights were supposed to show more restraint than that.”

For the first time since leaving Camelot I seriously wanted to pummel someone—particularly this misfit—for the pleasure of it. Unfortunately his statement ensnared me in what Odysseus once said “a rock and a hard place.” On the one hand, if I acted upon this barbaric urge I would have been disgracing the name of the Knights of the Round Table. On that same token it would also leave question to my personal integrity. But then again, the thought of wiping that childish smirk off his face was proving to be a treat that I was quickly losing the will to resist.

Without changing his expression Karonx continued, “Just kidding!” and walked off without another word. Shaking my head, I rubbed my temples and thought to myself that it was better for him to leave now before I truly lost my temper. Not that I even understood my loathing of the man; there was just something about the man that I did not approve of. Looking around, I saw familiar Nobodies standing nearby. Sadly, because of my time as the prison guard of Citadel Abyss I knew not their names, nor of their exact allegiance.

Uninterested in socializing at that moment, I walked over to a large, stain-glass window that stood on the far side of the hall. Peering over the clear section of glass that revealed the outside, I let my mind relax for a little while until a strange question came to mind: why was Lady Xakiah in Organization Oblivion in the first place? Looking back at her history, the only two organizations she had ever joined and had even been completely loyal to were the Ninja no Kuroi Genso and Camelot. Any others were usually used as tools to acquire whatever it was she needed. When we were first confronted with the original Organization over ten years ago she expressed no interest in it at all, and even said directly to Xemnas’ face that it was “an organization of blind fools.” So this sudden change in retrospect was actually a shock, not to mention a direct contradiction to her previous conviction. (Even though I knew that our issues with Lerxia certainly did not help matters.) Wracking my brains at it, the only conclusion that I could come up with was that it was somehow tied to the reason why she left Avalon. Alas, I did not have the answer to that because of an oath I made to her not long ago to never ask that. Realizing my position, I eventually gave up the effort to draw any sort of conclusion and offered a silent prayer of success and safety for her.

Closing my eyes, I was in the process of crossing myself when a voice suddenly broke through my concentration. “Wait a sec, you were praying this whole time? I didn’t realize that Nobodies could be both deadly and religious.”

Smiling, I answered humorously, “I wish I could say I was truly religious. However, I have yet to be baptized so I am restricted to very simple prayers at this point in time.”

Nodding his head, he chuckled playfully, “Oh…so that’s why you’re called a heathen.” Twitching at the mention of that belittling term, the strange Nobody began to laugh. “Don’t worry, I don’t think any less of you. In fact, I would like to ask you something very important.”

Shrugging, I casually stated, “Well stranger, I would be more than happy to assist you, but at this point in time I am unfamiliar with your name.”

In one overly-done gesture he placed his hand over his eyes and responded, “Ah! Where are my manners?” Straightening up, he stretched out his hand and said, “Hello, my name is Tanex, and I’m currently heading a rebellion. Yourself?”

What an odd person, I thought to myself. I began to grow leery of his demeanor and the validity of his words. Despite my personal feelings I observed the proper courtesy by shaking his hand and answered, “I am Sir Etxel, son of Randwulf the Valiant.”

Releasing his grip, Tanex commented, “Well, well…I didn’t think that there were people left who actually introduced themselves that way…or people who actually introduced themselves that way for that matter. Where do you come from?”

“I will save that knowledge for another day,” I started, “but in the meantime would you tell me what exactly your request is?”

“Of course; Sir Etxel, I’ve heard rumors that you’re a pretty strong fighter, is that true?” I nodded and mentioned for him to continue. “Well, as I mentioned a little while ago I’m currently planning a rebellion against Xraktos.”

Confused with the name he mentioned, I guessed he meant the head of Organization Oblivion. When he told me that I was accurate in that assumption, I told him, “Then you need not say more.” He was about to interject when I cut him off with a simple wave. “I already possess the drive to thwart his desires. My purpose here was to learn of Xerebus’ loyalties and to await the arrival of comrades.”

“Then you’re in the right place. Oh!” he suddenly exclaimed looking over his shoulder. “Here comes one now.” Examining the opening in the hall I discovered that Lady RaXi was making her way to the door. I wanted to greet her properly, but I could tell by the wrathful conviction that was in her continence that now was not the time. Unfortunately the other Nobodies near the entrance failed to process this and tried to stop her, only to end up provoking her even more. When Lady RaXi shoved them aside Karonx swiftly opened the door for her to let her in. Looking at each other, Tanex and I gave each other a quick nod and proceeded to follow her inside.


That’s it for Etxel’s perspective. For the rest of the time he was just in the background observing everything. In the end he followed them into the portal to “Tanex’s” castle and is now patiently waiting for Xakiah. I sure do hope I portrayed Xerebus, Karonx, and Tanex accurately…

Happy New Year Everyone! ^_^