A Ninja's Honor

“Argh! I can’t believe that barbarian and that blue freak beat us!” stormed Ren while uncouthly failing his weapon about as if it were a club. I suppose this scene would be frightful to those not accustomed to this sort of behavior. Then again, the squishing noises his feet made while pacing around in the tissues of Monstro’s stomach made me compare him to that of a disgruntled pig.

Rolling my eyes at this undignified spectacle, I thought out loud to myself, “I can’t believe that you actually thought you could beat them.”

Quickly jerking himself around, Ren snapped, “Don’t act all high-and-mighty dragon-boy! You got defeated by them too!”

Annoyed at the alias he used in reference to me, I smoothly responded, “Only because I was too busy trying to save your ass, baka.”

Enraged, Ren charged up Taiyô Sensô and retorted, “How many times do I have to tell you to respect your sempai?!”

“Oh excuse me,” I bowed with false courtesy, “I meant baka-sama.”

Roaring, Ren overwhelmed his trident with power and made a move to pierce a hole through my body. Summoning Komuso into my hand, I immediately absorbed the wavelengths surging all around us in preparation to blow his ears off. Just before we could commence our grudge match, Sadao conjured walls of solid cinnabar around us. After successfully containing us, he created so much heat within that the walls began to glow, serving to both burn and blind us at the same time. Fortunately, the torture was destined to only last for a few seconds, but the damage done was enough to send both of Ren and I to our knees and gasping for air.

“Now then…are you two ingrates done acting like children? Or am I going to have to save the mission by disposing of you two here and now?”

I could tell by the look in his face that Ren wanted desperately to say something spiteful towards Sadao for resorting to such measures, and in that moment I would’ve been in perfect agreement with him. But we knew better; we knew that Sadao would not have used one of his own attacks against us unless it was something urgent. Instead, we both silently agreed to one another that it was best to hold our tongues and save our loathing for one another for a better time. Rising up to our feet, we waited patiently to hear what Sadao had to say.

“Good. Alright then, I’ve contacted our employer and have briefed him on the situation. He says that he’ll be here shortly to relay to us a new set of instructions.”

“Hold on—he’s coming here? Now?!” asked Ren in shock.

“Why of course I would. Especially since events are turning out to be rather entertaining,” smiled Mordred as he calmly materialized before us. Quickly kowtowing to our master, we pleaded with him to do with us as he pleased due to the fact that we failed him in preventing Sir Etxel from salvaging onee-chan. Laughing, Mordred said, “Don’t worry about that. Like I said, events are turning out rather entertaining so I’m not upset. Actually, I’m rather pleased that you three didn’t succeed. If you had, then I wouldn’t have the chance to visit an old friend ever again.” Seeing the morbid pleasure that spewed from his eyes made me shudder, and I began to worry about what this man that we swore fealty too was truly scheming.

Looking up, Sadao said, “We thank you, Sir Mordred, for giving us, the Ninja no Kuroi Genso, a second chance to redeem ourselves.” Bowing his head again Sadao asked, “How may we serve you?”

I’m proud to say that this post was intentionally made short. Huzzah! XD

So the dreaded Mordred finally makes his grand appearance. Just what does he have in store for Xakiah and Etxel? You’ll just have to find out later. Much, much, much later. Take care!

And now for the Non-English Phrases of the Day Nah. I think I’ll skip that for today. Besides, y’all already know what most of those terms mean anyway. ^_~