SO, for this world, I guess I'm mostly just

gonna be posting animated GIF's that I make, along with

the occasional, random, whatnot's...


Also, I'll be putting the GIF's on a second page

so they're not all trying to play at once(I know that

lags some PC's pretty badly)

Sanji's desperation

Desperate Sanji at Drum Island!! ^__^ ...

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Zoro's Luck in color

I had fun slowing the sword down in parts of it.. ^__^ ...

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Smiling Zoro

Another one I did for Zoro, and I gave him a lil smile!! haha ^__^ ...

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Zoro's Luck

External Image

This is from Loguetown when he got his new swords, the Sandai Kitetsu, and the Yubashiri from the sword shop run by Ippon-Matsu..

Re-sized, and effected in photoshop..

All images belong to none other than Eiichiro Oda!!

Yes I Can

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