Tales of Okuri Tale 1 of 7 Big Bad Wolf Brothers

It had been many years since any ninja, let alone several Leaf and Sand ninja, had set foot on the Land of Snow. Soon after Team Seven left, the thermal generator they had worked so hard to activate was destroyed by a savage being. This warrior, known only by the name Okuri Okami, began the Samurai uprising in the nation. He began exterminating the local ninja, so that they would never again trouble the Samurai class. Although he had no companions and commanded no army, he did not fight alone; for the two Shoguns, the military commanders of the nation, also decreed that all ninja must die. Within 2 weeks, the Snow ninja were completely wiped out. Their chakra armor technology was salvaged and changed by the Samurai. Instead of providing chakra, they were simply storehouses for the user’s chakra. Additionally, the armor was very heavy, but used chakra to contribute energy to its own movement. Essentially, wearing the armor would increase your weight, but it would not slow you down or weaken you. The Samurai were now unquestionably the strongest military force, and the Shoguns were on the brink of causing a civil war between them. Neither was adept at managing the Samurai, however. The greedy daimyos waged war against each other for profit. These smaller civil wars settled down when the emperor intervened. He reduced the amount of war funding, and increased technology in greenhouse farming. The nation, which had relied on its metal production as a source of bargaining chips for food for several decades, could finally grow its own resources, but it did not stop the fighting and the Samurai were treated like dirt, even by the common folk. This did not satisfy Okuri. Although he was a Samurai, he rejected the government and decreed that he should be Shogun of the entire nation. He had claimed a North Western piece of land as his own territory, and has remained there ever since, running around with no castle to live in, killing and eating animals raw, plotting to kill first the Shogun of the North Western Half, then the Shogun of the South Eastern, and then who knows…………..

…………..but getting back to the Leaf and Sand Ninja………………..