Caption Battle Special Event: March Member Madness!

We're only about a week away from March. How the hell did that happen? Anyway, occurs to me that we did something hilarious last year, and that we should repeat it again this year...

Year-old copy-paste, gettou!

Caption Battle: March Member Madness!

(SomeGuy at Anime Evolution 2010 in Vancouver, BC)

I want to see you in the caption battles! Share your pictures from your convention meet-ups and get-togethers and let us pretend like we know what you're thinking or saying! It's going to be live-action caption battle all through March!

There are only a few guidelines I need you guys to follow:

1. Make sure everyone in the photo is okay with being used for this! If I'm even slightly iffy that someone is unhappy about being featured, I will drop the picture.

2. Everyone featured in the photo should be a member here at theO (background types don't matter).

3. Tell me who the members are and what event is going on (if it's a convention or other similar event) - most likely, I'm more interested in convention meet-up type pics anyway.

4. Make sure it's something to which we can actually write captions!

So yeah. If you think you have a hilarious photo with some folks that you wanna show off, then PM me with a link to it (an online hosting service is again ideal). Our top favourite pictures (plus one I'll contribute as well) shall be the ones over which our captions shall do battle.

So if we do indeed use your picture, what will you get? Credibility - goes farther than you'd think.

But who doesn't love credibility? You know who doesn't love credibility? Animal abusers. You're not an animal abuser, are you?

So who's game?