Harry Potter Is Naruto With Glasses

The final installment of Harry Potter nears. Sheer joy, then bittersweet emptiness is the expected progression, for what to do once you've turned the last page? Might we at theOtaku.com recommend a shift in attention to the still ongoing story of one whiskered, uppity young ninja: Naruto.

Why would a Harry Potter fan find a long-running anime like Naruto interesting? Because the two franchises are practically identical. From the setting, to the characters, to the plot, we wonder if Masashi Kishimoto and J.K. Rowling were separated at birth. Below I present to you four similarities between Naruto and Harry Potter (the shows, not the characters). Feel free to add your own similarities or differences to the comments...

Potter = Uzumaki
The title characters of each series grow up under near identical circumstances. Both had no parents, were considered "different" by everyone around them, leading to social isolation, and showed the potential for greatness at an early age.

If you assume that Yondaime is Naruto's father, then Naruto and Harry Potter were born to legendary parents. Furthermore, both characters are the same age and possess a connection to a potentially corrupting, evil force (Naruto to the fox and Harry Potter to Voldemort).

Hogwarts = Konoha
Much of Harry Potter takes place in Hogwarts, where students are divided into groups and occasionally compete with other schools. Quirky teachers litter the landscape and some are harsher or more unconventional in their teaching methods than others.

Similarly, Naruto takes place in Konoha village, where students are broken up into teams and occasionally compete against other villages. Each team is assigned a quirky teacher with a unique back story and individual teaching style.

Good = Evil
In both Harry Potter and Naruto, you never know a character's allegiance. Good guys turn to bad guys and vice versa. Kabuto is good, then evil. Snape is evil, then good, then evil, then good, then evil...

Wizards = Ninja
Are the wizards in Harry Potter REALLY that much different than the ninja in Naruto? When you think of ninja, you think of physical combat, but in Naruto, the ninja tend to utilize magic (excuse me, chakra techniques) more readily than actual martial arts.

Both the wizardry in Harry Potter and the techniques in Naruto require extensive practice, have their subdivisions, and require specific movements and speech to activate.

…And doesn't the Third Hokage remind you just a little of Dumbledore?