Cyros Devon (aka. Oogie Boogie Man)

Name: Cyros Devon

Nickname: Oogie Boogie man

Gender: male

Bloodtype: unknown

Age: unknown

Village(any anime): lives with Selene

Rank(any anime): Babysitter for Selene(lol XD)


Personality: arrogant, lazy, perverted, sadistic, sarcastic, mean and smart ass.

Likes: fear, pain, cats (kittens), pineapple, sleeping, porns.

Dislikes: humans…plain simple

Crush(any anime): he’s obsessed over Selene, not a crush

Specialty: shape shifting, illusions, bugs, the two masks(Selenes supporters), claws and paralysis.

Family: the Pumpkin King (brother)

Animal that decribes him: an evil undead leopard

Theme song: Immortal by Adema

History: Unkown

Other things: He adores kittens.