Selene Poe

Name: Selene Poe

Nickname: Wandering Disaster, weirdo, scum, brat, b**** and so on.(that is what Oogie calls her)

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: A

Age: 14

Village: A city

Rank: School girl (wandering disaster)


Personality: Tomboy, kind, troublemaker, innocent, doesn’t lie(neither tell the truth), rough and smart.

Likes: Games (any type), cats, milkshakes, sweets, holidays and monsters.

Dislikes: school, homework, popcorn, spicy food, salt and broccoli.

Crush: The Oogie Boogie Man

Specialty: She can see the monsters that no one else can see.

Family: Her mother, Morella Poe
Father, Aran Poe (living by himself)
Brother, Axel (diseased)

Animal that decribes the person: Wild cat

Theme song: “Me Against the World” by Simple Plan

History: She had a normal life, but soon see started to see monsters. Her brother could see them too, so they kept together. Until she was 9 when her brother was in a motorcycle accident, she took farewell to her brother on the hospital. After his death her life scattered in million pieces. Her parents separated, she was living with her mother. Who drank a lot and came home like a wreck. Selene felt alone and got into trouble just to get attention. She kept smiling because she promised her brother to smile even she was hurt.

Other things: She studies psychology at school.