Sarutobi Natsu O3O

Name: Sarutobi Natsu

Nickname: Konoha’s Black Wind

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: A

Age: 18

Village: Konoha

Rank: S-rank Criminal(Akatsuki)


Personality: Childish, friendly, carefree, clumsy, innocent, temper, cunning and playful.

Likes: Pokky, ice cream, wolves, food, sleeping, bathing, mind games, teasing Kakashi, spying and anagram.

Dislikes: Snakes, idiots, mornings, coffee, being hungry, ramen, Gai's pose and perfumes.

Crush: Zetsu

Specialty: Huge strenght(like Tsunade), spying, manipulation and shock waves.

Family: Adopted by
Grandpa/Hiruzen Sarutobi(Third Hokage)
Uncle/Asuma Sarutobi

Animal that describes her: A wolf

Theme song: Our Truth by Lacuna Coil

History: Her original name is Ookami no Natsu, but her family was infected by a plague. Just few of the clan survived included her, but they were spread through over the whole world.

Natsu was just a toddler then and no one from her clan could take care of her. She was left alone in that ghost village. Luckily for her some ninjas from Konoha came to help the village with the plague. When they saw the village they thought they were too late and the whole village was killed. They searched through the village, looking for some survivors and found Natsu playing in a pool of blood. Smiles and giggles when she sees her reflection in the blood.

The ninjas took her with them back to Konoha where she was adopted by the Third. Natsu graduated at the age of 12 at the chuunin exam and became Jounin at 15. She was seen as a genius. And she was known for her shock waves and manipulating of wind.
Even she were loving and kind, she could be merciless and insane in battle.

After the Third’s death she was completely changed. Natsu never tells where she is going or who she meets. In other words, she holds her cards very close to herself. And she acts that she is defenseless in battle to fool the enemy and strike when they least expect it.
And acting like a child normally so people will think she is just the child.

Akatsuki were very interested in her power when they first heard of her. Had her join (forced) the organization and replaced Orochimaru. Natsu acted that she was willingly to join, but her true goal is to make sure they could not get Naruto.

Her partner is Zetsu. She didn’t like OR trust at first because she thought he was a mean jerk. He had as a hobby to appear silent behind and scare Natsu. And mock her without end.
Natsu have a habit to hit him behind the head and his shoulders. Calling him “Aloe Vera”,
“Twoface” and “walking salad bar”.

Other things: She was once Itachi’s girlfriend, but she never thought him as a lover…just a friend.

She had read Icha Icha Paradise so she is very perverted when she starts.

Typical quotes:

"Why do I feel that everyone wants to get into my pants?"
"I'm not paranoid!! Just careful."(To Deidara)
"I didn't get so I act like I got it."
"Stop act though around me. It's for cowards and idiots."(to Zetsu)