Name: Yuhn
Nickname: The 3-Eyed ghost, Yuhn-Buhn(childhood name)
Gender: Male(duh)
Blood type: AB
Age: he looks like he’s around 40, but he’s exactly 672 years old.
Birthday: May the 25th
Height: 1,98 meters
Weight: 129 kg
Village(any anime): none in particular
Rank(any anime): A-class demon

Personality: Rude, careless, arrogant, cold
Likes: Salty food, fights, riding on his chopper, metal, rock, smoking
Dislikes: WATER, peace, lovey dovey love, sugar, blondes
Crush(any anime): none
Specialty: His third eye paralyzes everyone it sees with hate, makes them attack everything and anything they see. Yuhn also have the power to make thing fade away like dust.
Family: Cross and Edgar
Animal that describes him: Scorpion
Theme song: Hate by Drowning Pool

History: He was the first ghost Grim created by his own hands. Since he was first he lacked power and was colorblind, Grim offered his left eye to him that had power to change people minds at the owner wish. Yuhn is known as the strongest demon ghost ever created by a devil and many fears his piercing look. It is his fault that terrorism exist today and all the hate around it.
Other things: Since he’s oldest and has Grim’s left eye he’s very alike his owner at attitude against others, calm and cold, however, unlike his master…he isn’t weak for women.
Well, his youngest brother Edgar is…in a paranoid and weird way…