Grim: "Hello people. I'm your host here, so you better shut up and listen!
Since we, Dark's OC, have nothing to do at all have we decided to have our own place to be.
I aske-...

Irmelin: "Forced Dark to create this world."

Grim: "Don't interupt me, woman."

Irmelin: "F*** you." *walks away*

Grim: *anime vein* " I didn't forc-..."

Natsu: "Ooooooh, there are people watching us!!! Hi!!" *waves*

People: *waves back*

Grim: *sweatdrop* -e her. We deserve attatio-...

Luna: This must be lot of fun.

Selene: Aaaaaah!!! Help me!! Oogie is trying to kill me with that thing!!" *points at mistletoe*

Oogie: "I'm not trying to kill you!!! I want to kiss you!"

Pink: "Christmas is about Jesus!!!"

Violent: "The vikings celebrated Christmas before you guys came!!!" *fights Pink*

Ome: "There is the Christmas Spirit."

Cole: "Yeah, funny isn't it?"

Heather: "Collossa, can you please help me with the sign?"

Collossa: "Sure." *puts sing on the wall*


Narazeth: *growls* "You are too small."

Grim:"...." *opens his mouth*

Anna: "Who wants Cookies!?"

Everyone: "I DO!!"

Grim: "I give up!" *sigh*

Members(that is not us):

Tatsumafangirl114's OCs: Mick and Loulu

Heres Mick and Loulu's profile

Mick and Loulu:

Name: Mickoutsu and Loulukie Mosokona

Nickname: Mick and Loulu

Gender: Loulu: Female Mick: Male


Age: Well there half vampires sooo.. 17(Vamp years) 500(human years)

Village(any anime): used to live in Sakurashie Village

Rank(any anime): none

Look: Dark amberish hair and red eyes(night) amber eyes(day)

Personality: Mick is quiet, shy, mysterious, and kind(well, once u get to know him and if he likes u....) Loulu is outgoing, nice, loving, hippiesh

Likes: Mick likes the darkness and Loulu likes the daylight

Dislikes: Mick dislikes daylight and Loulu dislikes darkness

Crush(any anime): Mick has a crush on no one and Loulu has a crush on L, Tatsuma, and Sasuke

Specialty: Mick: black magic Loulu: Love and peace

Family: Father died when they were 4 and mother was killed by the villagers

Animal that describes them: Mick: Lone wolf Loulu: Bunny~!^^

Theme song: On My Own by Three Days Grace

History: They were cursed by a witch so at night they would turn into blood sucking creatures. That made the villagers scared and angry so they killed their mother and banished them from the village until Mieka and Shoumie found them and took them in. They were also creatures of the night. But they were normal in the day light.

Other things? Loulu’s fav. Color is pink, yellow, and green
Mick’s fav. color is black, and darker colors.
Mick tends to have a soft spot for his twins sis. He is also the older twin so he likes to look out for his little sis.

Loulu :Awwww
Mick: Rrrgh shut up!
Loulu:Hehe!I wuv u!


Name: Ome

Nickname: Emo Angel

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: O

Age: ? (older than Grim)

Village: Heaven

Rank: Arch Angel


Personality: Emotionless, but can be kind, rough, sarcastic and carefree.

Likes: No one knows, only that he loves Pocky and romance.

Dislikes: Popcorn(It’s smelly ><)

Crush: Dark (wut? O.o)

Specialty: Lightning bolt, flash step and Divine Beam.

Family: None

Animal that describes him: Snow Owl

Theme Song: Heaven’s a Lie by Lacuna Coi

History: He lost his wings in a battle against Grim(the devil nr.2) and with that 80% of his power gone. Ome tried to ask God about help, but He couldn’t help him. So he had to live on the Earth. He met Dark and got paired with Cole in battle.

Other things: He reads erotica books.

Typical quotes:
"Shut up. No one wants to hear ou talking."
"Everyone hates me...except Dark. Why?!"
"I I don't"
"If you say so...*hits wall with his head* Ouch.."

Cole Harvey

Name: Cole Harvey

Nickname: Cole the Killer

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: AB

Age: 27

Village(any anime): New York

Rank(any anime): Serial Killer


Personality: Sadistic, insane, rough and tragically.

Likes: Blood, swords, cat-fights, watching the whole world burn, Coca Cola and Comedy.

Dislikes: Nuts(the food D<), chicken, fish, Yaoi and water.

Crush(any anime): Verona(the ones who kills herself all the time)

Specialty: Big ass Sword, fists

Family: Sister, Violet

Animal that describes him: Viper

Theme song: How I could I just kill a man by Rage Against the Machine

History: He had a difficult childhood where they have to kill to survive. He got older and became an assassin. Killing is just a part of his daily routine. Cole showed no merci to his victims. A typical serial killer. For fun^^. His only love was blood until he met Verona.

Other things:
Afraid of water.

Typical quotes:

"Sweet Lovin'!"
"*hysterical laugh* *stops* That was not funny..."
"That's my sister." (to Violet)

Grim Reaper

Name: Grim Reaper

Nickname: Grim

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: B

Age: 734

Village: none

Rank: Reaper

Look: look down here:

Personality: mysterious, flirty, cunning and manipulating.

Likes: sweet food, blood, confuse others and manipulate them.

Dislikes: being busted, sick, get a taste of his own medicine and popcorn.

Crush: Natsu, Violet

Specialty: Scythe, flash movements, manipulation.

Family: none

Animal that describes him: Cross spider

Theme song: Black Jesus by Everlast

History: His past is unknown, only that he became one of the 6 devils. By his skills and power he became the second strongest one. The number is tattooed on his chest. Nr. 2. An hundred year after that he met Dark and became her teacher.

Other things: That he’s Dark’s teacher and closest person. He is her advisor and partner in battle.

Typical quotes:

"Bring it on, humans!"
"Guns are for cowards."
"Yeah, sure~! Get over it!"
"Ooh! Did my sarcasm hurt you? Get over it!"

Irmelin the Hybrid

Name: Irmelin Mienala

Nickname: The Hybrid

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: O

Age: 15(in dark elf years), same with the Siren.

Home: Atrantas( The city of Sirens)

Rank: Mage Apprentice

Look: She has black hair with blood red tips. Ice blue eyes, fangs (wolf like), she has a tattoo on her right tight and one on her neck. She is skinny(not too skinny)and has pearl white skin.

Personality: She`s dark and lonely. Most of her life she had lived in solitude and as a outcast. But she is kind against her friends. She is really short tempered and when she`s going to erupt: Run like hell. Irmelin is a pervert that never goes to details, has a innerself(her inner demon) that comment everything she does wrong and judges the guys she meets. -_-‘ And she is not the girl you can cheat on.

Likes: music, water, beaches, swimming, listens to the ocean and apples.

Dislikes, heat, cold, fish food(poor fish), smelly things and Grim.(sometimes)

Crush: None

Specialty: A cursed guitar, staff, claymore, daggers, siren songs, magic, her weapons,
her inner demon, summons.

Foster dad (killed by Irmelin)
Foster mom (suicide)
Real parents (unknown)

Animal that describe the person: A white seal

Theme song: The Siren by Nightwish

History: Her parents died when she still was a little baby. She was adopted by a man and his wife because they wanted a child. They threaten her well, but when Irmelin became 6 her foster mom went suicide after she discovered about Irmelins inner demon. (that was her curse from the sirens. If a siren gets a baby who is a hybrid, gets the curse and lives in fear of it might take control) After she died, her foster dad started drinking. Every night he beat Irmelin and insulted her, until she was 7 and was sick of him and killed him. For some reasons his blood in her hair tips didn`t go off. Like it was remind her over what she had done. She lived alone until she was 15.

Other things: She meditates to control her inner beast.
Typical quotes:

"I feel useless, but then you are too."
"Beauty is a curse, it hides the true monsters we really are."
"Go away."
"F*** you!"