Nino and Kiba Speed Paint

The fourth part of the video corrupted so you don't get to see me doing the rest of the picture, so I decided to make it slower so you can see what I'm doing better. I hope that makes up for it!

Oops, I don't remember drawing this, but I recorded it, so I guess it's a thing!
Look at those man nipples though. Man nips are hard to draw. T_T *Runs away*

This is my FC x Canon character couple. The only one of those couples I have. It’s Nino, after a outfit change, and Kiba. These two have been together in different RPs for 6 years now. In one of my RL RPs Nino and Kiba have gotten married, hence the rings. I never really post much about my RP couplings and stuff because I’ve always been too embarrassed to really post it, and Kiba fans are really defensive about Kiba. It’s like, they don’t understand that hundreds or hundreds of people pair their OCs with Kiba. Or with other canon characters. It’s really brutal to see, and I really hope that changes. We can all like the same character, and we can all choose (or have our friends choose for us) to pair who ever we want with who we want. I don’t understand why it has to become such a argument starting thing.