Hi guys! Welcome to my speed paint world! This is where I'll be posting all my speed paint vid for you guys to see! Enjoy!

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Chibi Jess Speed Paint

It's been a while since my last speed paint video! I'm sorry! ^_^; Umm...WMM won't read my camstudio files anymore, so I made this with Sony Vegas Pro. I couldn't get the opening how I wanted it to be, so you get this lame one until I can figure out how to change it! Sorry again!

One Hour Sonic 01 - Sonic

This is for a group on Deviantart called One Hour Sonic. Basically the point in to draw Sonic and other sonic characters with the time limit of an hour....I need to practice sonic style again. =_="

Chibi Link Speedpaint

It's been a while since my last video hasn't it? Bahaha, anyway here's a pic of Link. It was originally a doodle in a science class, but look what it turned into!

Hope you all enjoy!

Nagisa and Dangos Speedpaint

Finally guys! I got it up!

-Sora- Speedpaint

I stumbled upon a new way to make lines look smooth and I totally had to try it out! I discovered that I still had Sora in my scanned folder and decided to use him!