Hi guys! Welcome to my speed paint world! This is where I'll be posting all my speed paint vid for you guys to see! Enjoy!

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Code Lyoko: Odd Speed paint

Here's the speed paint of Odd that goes with the picture!

Tails Speed paint

Here's the video that goes along with the picture! Enjoy!

Chibi Link Speedpaint

It's been a while since my last video hasn't it? Bahaha, anyway here's a pic of Link. It was originally a doodle in a science class, but look what it turned into!

Hope you all enjoy!

:Chibi Miku: Speedpaint

Another speedpaint so soon!? Wow what's wrong with me! ;) I hope you guys enjoy! This was a big video of experimenting.

Merry Christmas Speedpaint

Merry Christmas guys!