The Bat and The Plant

Night... It's the glorius time when strange and interesting things suddenly occur like an explosion on the 4th of July. The full moon shone brightly as a silhouette with wings glided into the air. With a graceful flap every now and then, the creature flew into the night.

The creature was a bright yellow neon color with black skeletal designs all over its body, as if a permanent tattoo was shown. It had a human appearence except for a couple of things: it had ten-foot wide bat wings and long claws for hands. Many people have forgotten all about the creature, that its name is Louie and he's very friendly. No one looks at those features anymore... they only care if you look 100% human. Not 50%. Not 75%. Just 100% or you're a monster to the human's eye. That's what Louie thought to himself every day, every night.

Anyway, Louie flew into the night, unaware of the danger that was coming towards him. Suddenly, without warning, three dark figures appeared and pounced on him. Louie screeched with pain as he fell into the tall leaves from below. He looked up and saw who attacked him. Three muscle-like men were basically trying to pull his wings out. 'Bounty hunters!' Louie thought who the men were.

"Leave me alone!" Louie exclaimed as he shook the mighty men off his back He shrieked in pain and had tears in his eys. No one could save Louie now... or could they? As Louie fell deeper into the mighty large, green leaves, he felt like looking at death in the face. He was coughing and gagging gushes of blood while the three bounty hunters manhandled him like pizza dough. Just when it seemed like it was all over for the friendly bat-like boy, a loud crunching sound occurred. A scream was emitted into the darkened jungle. It was one of the bounty hunters.

"Joe, are you all right?" one hunter asked the person who screamed. Since it was very dark outside, everyone except Louie couldn't see a thing. Joe's response was only one loud swallowing sound. A second later, everything happened too fast.

A vine came out from the darkness and grabbed at Louie with a strong but gentle grip. Louie was gone in a flash. Both the remaining two bounty hunters gulped with fear.

"Let's get out of here, Everest!" one hunter said to the other, "This is getting spooky!" Everest shook his head.

"No, Fred," Everest stuttered, "We should hold our ground..." However, it was goodbye Fred when one of the giant hand-like leaves wrapped around Fred, flipped him in the air, and he was gone with one gulping sound. Everest, sweating dirty bullets of body fluids, took out a pistol and tried to figure out who was eating his friends. Suddenly, a loud, demonic voice echoed through the whole jungle-like forest.

"YOU FEMALE DOG!" A long vine slapped Everest in the face with the insult, "How could you?!"

"How could I what?" Everest asked, rubbing his wound, and then looked around for the source of the voice, "Show yourself now!"

"I'm right here..." The voice answered and the figure showed itself. Everest turned around and gasped with horror and awe.

The voice that spoke to Everest was an amazing sight. A giant plant "glared" back at the bounty hunter. It was forty feet tall to be exact. The plant was an anthropomorphic flytrap plant; its head-like pod similar to an avocado. The pod where the mouth should be at was a light green color with pure white polka-dots on it. Everest just stared at this unusual, yet interesting foliage and laughed nervously.

"No, seriously, please show yourself..." Everest asked again, looking around; his eyes discoursing.

"I'm over here in front of you, stupid..." The voice said louder. Everest's eyes bugged out as he realized that the plant was talking with its giant shark-like maw. The mouth was so huge; the teeth were bigger than the hunter's arm.

"You're just a plant!" The man stuttered with disbelief, "You're not supposed to..." A vine slapped Everest's face again before he could finish his sentence.

"Shut up!" The plant yelled at Everest with annoyance, "You should pay more attention to Louie, not me!"

"Louie?" The hunter was confused at whom the plant was talking about. The plant shook its pod like it had a massive headache and lifted its leaves up for Everest to see its stem. On that tree trunk-like stem, there was Louie, unharmed and attached to the stalk with arm-like vines. He was in a coma for the last two minutes. Before Everest could comment on the current situation, the plant started the heated conversation.

"You humans are all the same! You assume that whoever is different than you is a threat to society. Louie has never done anything wrong, yet you treat him like mud and eat away at his life with hatred and cruelty," The plant screamed the words out like spitting toxic waste, "Let's see how you like being eaten away!"

With that said, the vines started to grab at Everest, tangling him with green ropes. The bounty hunter screamed with terror as the vicarious vegetable, who was enjoying the harmful human's screams, was dragging the man towards its massive maw. With a decisive chomp, and to make a long, digusting scne short, the plant repeatedly chewed and swallowed Everest's life away. By the time the plant was finished with its meal, Louie started to wake up from his unconsciousness.

"What's going on?" Louie asked, rubbing at his temples due to his dizziness. He then looked up at who his "savior" was, "Vinnie, is that you?" Before the plant could answer, it burped up pieces of clothing out for a slight second, and then turned to look down at Louie.

"No... It's Vin Diesel," The plant remarked with sarcasm, "Of course it's me, Vinnie! Who did you think it was?"

"But you- I mean you- We were enemies before!" The blonde humanoid protested to the flytrap, "Why would you save me, of all people?" Vinnie hesitated for a moment, thinking about that question for a long time, or at least three minutes. After a moment of silence, Vinnie answered the question.

"Well, look at it this way: If I, or anyone in this world, gets ridiculed or hurt because of what we look like on the outside, wouldn't you want to save that person too?" It asked. It was something to think about for a long time... but the universal answer was obvious...