AxelXRoxasXLuffy (Worst fanfic I ever did XD)

This is my attempt to write something bad. It contains a new Kingdom Hearts OC, a One Piece MarySue, Orgainization XIII and the cast of One Piece. Enjoy!

Once there was two girls. One was some Namine-looking white-haired girl with a huge chest named Sani. The other was a green-haired version of Zolo by the name of Zako. These girls were bored, tired, and want to destroy stuff so they summoned the pirate crew, Organization XII, and Paris Hilton for a solo concert.

"AUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUGH!" Xenmas guy shouted, "Paris Hilton Bad!!!" He then hissed like a cat and snarled. Saix put water on Xenmas and then scratched Roxas with Larxane's knives.

"Let's sing Kaeroke! XD" Zako cheered as she used her sword as a microphone. The spotlight came to Roxas, who was being stalked by Axel and Luffy.

"SING THE ROXAS SONG!" Both Zako and Sani smiled and handed the microphone to Roxas. Roxas had always dreamed of singing his worries and being a star so he sung his song...

Roxas: *singing* I am Roxas
Check out my hair
When there are nobodies
I'm always there
I met a girl
Named Sani-eh
She told me stuff
I can not say

The memories
I'm searching for
Are all behind
A closing Door
Luffy that kid
He claims to be
He tells me that
I have a cute body

I'm number XIII
In a group of 13 nobodies
But I left because
They weren't very good buddies (or people)

That Luffy guy
I told you about
Well quiet frankley
He creeps me out
And I will fight with
That Xemnas guy
I bet ya that I
Can make him cry

"MANSEX!" Roxas pointed to Xemnas. Xemnas cried and went to his room. Suddenly, Axel jumped.

"Hey Roxas, you told me I was your sexy boyfriend, NOT THAT RUBBER BOY!" Axel was burning up with his fire and fart. Luffy stuck-out his tounge. Axel then jumped at Luffy and they began to fight. Roxas, so bored with this thing, puts some glasses on, a white glove, and does the moonwalk on stage. Fangirls glomped on Roxas, thinking he was Michael Jackson. Finally Sani and Zako smiled and puts up a sign that says "So long suckers" and ran away in the wind. And everyone lived crazily ever after. The end?