Itachi+ Samara piece two of the first capital

Hai again, this is the second part of the first capital my story, I hope you like it and comment it well-^^-*arrange popcorn*

This short diversion was completely enough, sudden she stumble over a big on the way lieing stone and landed not straight gently on the ground, quite near next to the man, who was sleeping now. His black, middlelong hair, was bound at the back to a loose plait together, it moved slightly in the wind, exact how his same colourful cape. Two arms and two legs craned from him, he lay on the sandy ground. He looked like a bit of Samara, she had black hair too, but darker than his hair, raven-black, her eyes were greyblack. She wore a deep black, smoothly dress, that crossed to over her knee, was shortsleevly and didn’t give free visibility on her bust size. The special on this clothespiece was the lovely winered ribbon, that was tied around her waist.

“When I don’t drink quickly something, I die of thirst, my strength is almost completely used up, the hell is waiting over me.”

The sensitive nose from Samara reacted and said to her, that fresh blood had to be in the near.