Itachi+Samara VampireMysteryLove Story:

Samara hunted a pretty woman, for getting something from her. Always her steps got slower. The fight for the dead survivor, noticed by a lonely man, who maybe could save her life.

(This Story is not about "The Ring"!)

Short information: It make me glad, that do you want to read this Story, hopefully you tell me your opinion to this, but please don’t a “Just bad” opinion!;)
I had call one of the head-carakteres Samara, because I find this name very cool, because besides it, if you had see"The Ring", it left a horroreffect, also if this Samara not much deal with the one out of “The Ring”, it don’t be available many equalities between the two girls, for example that the name “Samara” will be express as the one out of “The Ring”, also with a english accent.;D
Some things in this story don’t be right at all with the true story of Naruto, also don’t be surprised,but already the most of them :D
I’m a german-speaking girl, please don’t be angry if I make mistakes, I’m not perfect in English.;)


Samaras thoughts are in "...."(marks)
Itachis thougths too, but with a plus behind it: "..."+

Just have fun by reading it;)

Dead Sharki

This is the first part of the first capital!

Capital 1: Am I Too Lost? [out of Tourniquet]

“In a world, who will controlled by undeads, I live my horrible life, what actually isn’t any. From a ancient curse urged on, I try further to exist in this heartless world, who the Life of the darkness, until they must get over their last breath. I soon have fear of doing mine, too!”

Almost arrived at the end of her energy, Samara ran behind the young woman, who always seemed to getting faster, or did the haunter get slower? “Wait!”, she screamed behind her. “Wait, will you!” But the woman got still faster. The pure fear suited in her face, her long, brown hair blew in the wind. Her chestnut-brown Eyes look for desperate a way to escape, also if there wasn’t giving actually any. Samaras eyelids slapped again and again on and close. The exhaustion was big. Her legs trembled with excessively strain, but she didn’t give up and walked unshakable again. Her face got always blanker. A man fell down just whole in the near on the earth ground. He wanted to go to home, but couln’t held back his excessive tiredness, him kept closed simple the eyelides, so heavy as they were. Out of the corners of the eyes out saw Samara him.