Hey, man! Welcome to my personal blog!

♥ Name: Jenaé
♥ Nickname: Naé-chan (or just Nae) Naomi-chan, & Lilly
♥ Age: 21
♥ Birthday: January 13th
♥ Gender: Female
♥ I'm quite friendly!

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Encounter.. chapter One & Two .


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I Take It Back

These new Kalos pokemon as pretty freaking awesome... I might claim as well >:3 ... Might. ...

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I see A LOT of you claiming the new Kalos pokemon for gijinkas in the next plot. .. Eh. I claim nothing. lol Not really interested in making another gijinka XD Plus I gots Gyen ~ <3 He ain't no Kalos pokemon b...

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Busy/ Cleaning

Hey, ya'll! How's everything going, today? Just keeping you guys posted on what's up. I'm basically in the most busiest of days yet. I'm getting piled up on school work and whatever, but I'm still hanging in there! STAYING STRO...

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I swear.. No lie.. I've been studying all flipping day. My mind is going bonkers @[email protected] Damn it Sociology... At the library at 10:35 at night... Probably going to stay here until 12... idk.. I need some sleep. .__.... ...

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Saturday Night... >3>

Ugh... WHYYYYYY?! DX I was feeling sick due to mother nature's damn timing, so I stayed at my dorm. *punches stomach* ... X.X It's HOMECOMING weekend and ALL of my friends are parting! Even Nell! And I'm just here... doin...

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